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Having read the thread "Possible bogus N1 claim form ? " I just thought I'd post some useful links in case anyone thinks they may be subject to a scam - there are many of these about, they are often linked (just one example) to 'parking tickets' issued by private firms which you can usually ignore without consequence as it's not cost effective for them to pursue - they theaten the subject with things like visits from bailiffs to seize goods - something they absolutely cannot do without a Court Order. These differ from tickets issued by your local council as you really have no redress on them, because they are lawfully issued and have the genuine weight of statutory law behind them. In respect of privately issued tickets - they are not tickets at all in reality, they are a 'penalty charge' and the cause of action (if there is any) is almost invariably a breach of contract.


If you think you may be dealing with a bogus solicitor (or someone that implies they are a solictor without actually saying so, as it is a criminal offence to pass oneself off as a solicitor):

The Law Society - Find a solicitor

For a firm of solicitors - e.g. Proctor Law as referred in the above named thread:

The Law Society - Find a solicitor

For CMCs and other similar types of company - the Ministry of Justice 'Authorised Business Search'

I'm not on ARRSE very often these days but if there are any other similar queries anyone has I will stay subscribed to this thread and should get an email for responses or alternatively you can PM me and I'll try and respond (no promises though!)

Hope this is of some help to people who feel they may be the potential victims of a scam and believe me there are thousands of the b@stards out there!!

Another quick one - specific to the thread that prompted me to start this one.

If you receive a claim form (n1):

Strictly speaking, according to the pre-action protocol you should not be served with one without having been warned first of a potential claim in the form of a 'letter before action', the idea of which is to allow genuine claims to settle without taking up the Court's time and with both parties incurring the minimum of legal costs in settling matter. There are however many unscrupulous firms that will just issue and make excuses as to why no letter was sent - a good on is "it must have been lost in the post, we thought it had been ignored" - this is purely so they can rack up costs which you or you insurer will have to pay if you lose and they are often very substantial as I'm sure a lot of you on here can vouch for!

On the Claim Form of a properly issued claim for whatever type of action, on the top right hand corner it will state the name of Court in which the Claim has been issued (you can have the venue changed at the allocation stage, but that's another story), it will have the Claim Number and the date of issue. Without these things you can be sure that no claim has been issued against you. If it does have these things present and you are still suspicious, phone the Court, quote the Claim number and ask them to verify if this is a genuine claim - if not, report the Claimant to the relevant authorities.

A few more links:

N1 Claim Form

Various Forms and Guidance from HMCTS website
Venues and forms

A few more forms and links to the Civil Procedure Rules
Venues and forms

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