Bogus asylum scum

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spiffy, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. In the express paper today an article about how the French cheese sucking surrender monkeys have opened a camp, again, within walking distance of the channel tunnel for "asylum" seekers. Photos of large queues of bogus scum who have cherry picked their way across europe.

    Close the channel tunnel.
  2. I've no doubt the camp exists, but all that stuff about 'scum' - did those ideas get formulated before you woke up?
  3. Whether you could call economic migrants 'scum' isn't really the issue but the fact that the camp will become a mecca for anybody wishing to gain entry to the UK is.

    No doubt there will be the organized gangs at work just like the last time.
  4. We can always rely on the heroic French people and their government.
  5. Why don't you FOAD ?
  6. I was wondering how long it would be before they built another after closing the last one when "we" said we would have them all here if you closed it. CNUTS.
  7. I'm involved with housing some of them. Scum is a complimentary term in most cases.

    Rather than bitch about them, I've profited from them. London boroughs, Croydon in particular, pay large sums for temporary accommodation for these people. Thanks to mass immigration our population is rising much faster than the housing stock - hence the property boom. Local authority willingness to pay far in excess of the market rate for rental accommodation is fuelling this boom. A family of four asylum seekers in "bed and breakfast" accommodation pays about £600 a week. Debt servicing on their accommodation is less than a half of that.

    A friend of mine receives over £250,000 a month which he uses to purchase more property. He's only been doing it for six years and is worth many millions now. I'm not quite in that league but I'm working on it.

    The immigrants show their gratitude by voing Labour once they get the franchise. Trebles all round!!!!!

  8. Recent events in (or not) Iranian waters remind me of my Bible studies...

    'Let those that are without sin cast the first stone.....'

    Other than that feel free to continue your ignorant racist rantings.
  9. I admire Sandy Boots, I genuinely do because my 'Moral Compass' (there's an overused phrase) is stuck on the 'stay poor but capable of looking at myself in the mirror' bearing. I will obviously die bitter, poor and despised by my family, because I didn't make enough money to keep them happy. Good on you mate you are a Spiv who is refreshingly honest about his profiteering on misery of others, I take my threadbare beret off to you.

    He who dies with the most toys wins!
  10. But surely we could keep the ones that were here to work (as many of them are) - and just send our own chavscum back as a kind of "crosspol/exchange". Except they don't get to come back.
  11. With you on the Chavscum swap Pompey Sailor, sound idea. Actually the Poles we have working in the Kingdom of Wessex are fine folk and the propects for improving the gene-pool down 'ere are really exciting.
  12. It does make me wonder though, why the hell are we taking them if we know that they've already travelled through France - and presumably France, Spain or some other European country before that? Doesn't the convention on refugees or whatever it is say that those seeking political asylum are meant to be processed in the first 'safe' country that they reach? Makes you just a tad suspicious why they tramp all the way over half of Europe to get to us if they're so desperate doesn't it?
  13. totally agree but we're seen as a soft touch and the french know that our superb gov't will only roll over and quote human rights and allow bogus asylum seekers in and after a while say it's too much trouble to expel them and give them an house and benefits
  14. Can you blame the little darlings struggling against all adversity to make it to our Sceptred Isles. Makes you sort of proud doesn't it, that they turned all those other Europportunities.

    Hurrah I say, bring 'em in, because they are prepared to put a day's work in, when half the lazy sh**tes in Wessex just want to run up loads of credit, piss it up and drive their sad little 'pimped wheels' around ASDA's car park. These people eying up the Chunnel and humming the Great Escape music are desperate to earn and keep our screwed-up economy going. We need these poor desperate creatures to work the nasty jobs we are too proud to do.