Bogtrotters Need Not Apply.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Can't say I'm surprised.
    Most of them are jingoistic,homophobic,racist,foul mouthed cretins.
  2. And fucked at laying bricks too, apparently.
  3. Paddies or Ozzies?
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  4. Who wants to hire the Outrage Bus with me and go and picket that builders yard and demonstrate against his blatant prejudice?
  5. Whinge whinge whinge. TFB.
  6. Neither of them.
  7. They're shite at laying driveways as well.
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  8. No we are excellent at everything.
  9. The Wild Colonel Boy will turn in his grave Paddy built Australia, Britain, USA........
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  10. Pity we didn't say the same about the Poles eh??

    Maybe we could get a job that pays more than £7 per hour
  11. He's getting his revenge for being fucked around when Alan Joyce (an Irishman) grounded Quantas just to make a point.
  12. "OK, we'll give some land to the Niggers and the Chinks - but we don't want the Irish!"
    - Blazing Saddles.:biggrin:
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  13. I know this is a bit of a generalisation, as I can only base it on my 13 year experience here in Ireland, however, the brickies I have worked with/known here call themselves "Masons" and haven't laid an aesthetically important brick since college, because they're pretty much block layers. If they're going over there saying they can lay bricks as one would expect someone who has been laying bricks day-in, day-out to do then they're kidding themselves and their potential employers.

    If they're honest and tell potential employers that they're going to need to get up to speed again, then they've more chance of keeping the jobs they do get offered and less chance of getting the Irish a bad name (which, from what I'm hearing, is the way it seems to be going generally down there).
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  14. That's a bit harsh...



    ...not all our nuns are like that!