Bogs - i.e. Lavatories

Newspaper coverage last week-end of Mum's consternation at the sordid living conditions of her lad in Afg and a repeated TV item last night featuring what could have been said son in said sh*thouse. Attention drawn to the cleaning and the flies and stench.
Mt colonial experience featured the Deep Trench Latrine (DTL) which I recall as a far better alternative. What is there that bars these? We did have bucket latrines but that was where we had locals who paid us for the night soil they collected. Flies were controlled by the use of DDT hand-pumped sprays; a good pump and short wait allowed a fly-free experience. The smell was never a feature. The Sgts' Mess at Inchon had the finest DTL ever. A 14 seater. Openings at high level on all four sides allowed for a through draught. There were even discussion groups who block-booked times for meetings.
I suppose it will be said that DTL require labour to dig. We managed it. If we are to be in Afg for 40 more years we need to do something better than buckets.
Cryptotermes - Thanks for update & glad 2 see improvement
PS re groundwater. The DTL at the WRAC Sgts' Mess Episkopi was known as 'the deepest and wettest' with good reason!
A few months ago (?) we had a fantastic thread about the worst crappers in the world.Oil drums piled high with crap,some stories from the ranges etc.
Will see if I can find it.
Transkei locals would sell poached lobster/crayfish on the roadside until sales plummeted when it became known that any not sold were kept overnight in the village long drop, then rinsed before going on sale again the next morning.

Typhoid Mary, eat yer heart out.....
The "Field Hygiene NCO" who emptied the crappers on an UNFICYP tour in one regiment was awarded the BEM in my time for services rendered beyond the call of duty. Quite rightly. !
DTL were always good places to dump incriminating stuff from crimes. I once attached one end of a rope to a LR and the other to a HLI Cpl who had thrown paybooks down after an imprest swindle. Don't know what PACE rules would be today
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