bogging in an apache!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by lizardmech, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. heard news 2day that an apache stopped off in a mates field, bogged in and caused a world of pain...................anyone got any pics of this f**k up????
  2. At least get your facts straight. The Apache in question had a bird strike and had to put down ASAP which happened to be in a farmers field. Then, upon shutting down engines found they were sinking into ground, tried to restart engine and over torqued.
  3. Sigs Jedi, thats not what happened either.

    Furthermore It isn't for me to post the events on here as the crew have enough to be dealing with as it is.

    I'm sure all will out in the wash up so to speak.
  4. Muttley, Stop being such a girl and tell us what happened??
  5. sounds to me like pilot error

    oh and jedi think you gave a bit to much info on were you work, cause ive got your number
  6. And He's still wrong Elephant Man! He'll find out on tuesday.
  7. Was the field in question anywhere near Pizza Hut?????
  8. Are the crew ok?
  9. i think the crew would be ok. as they didnt exactly stuff it in to the ground
  10. Stop mucking about and tell us all what happened
  11. as far as the romours go

    they had a bird strike, no warnings in the cockpit so landed on in field to check over A/C noticed they were sinking and upon start up they over torqued thier engines.
    guard force out to stag on the A/C then in morning the farmer made them breakfast

    anyone know any different
  12. I think the bird strike was not the true reason!!!
  13. Doesn't sound like anybody's fault except the bird's if that was the true reason. Wires don't fly into cabs but birds do.

    Shame the press just see it as another stick to beat somebody round the head with.

    Fcuk 'em.
  14. I assume you jest Muttley, is it wrong to post a rumour on a web site built soley for that purpose?

    Awe bokkocks - just go ahead and hit im with a AF252