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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by XRE_987, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. I know we have members in the Republic, so how many of you have registered and paid? I haven't. I was a resolute "no", but am wavering now that the deadline is here. My worry is that it will be €200 next year, €500 the year after...
  2. Can you define "property tax" for us English types?
  3. Our Govt has rather unwisely gone down the poll tax route. Every house owner, despite income level, and property size has to pay €100 as an annual property tax. The cut off date for non payment has just passed. Those who do not pay can be taken to court, fined, and perhaps jailed.

    About 2/3 of those who are eligible to pay, have not. That's about 2 million people.

    As XRE states, we all know this is the start of something bigger, and will definitely increase next year.

    This is an ill conceived plan, not at all welcome and is flawed in many ways. Horror stories abound.

    You can pay on-line, but you don't get a receipt, and there are reports of people who have paid on line but have not been 'registered' and with no proof of payment they are fuxked.

    Invoices are not sent out, there is no letter/application form being sent to homeowners, you just have to get off your arrse and find a local office to pay.

    We were told that the Post Office will accept payment. (You can pay all household amenity bills, including mobile phone bills at the Post Office) But that was a lie. You can pick up an application form from the Post Office, but they cannt accept payment of the €100.

    There are solutions to all the problems, and better men than me have forwarded them. But to no avail as yet. The Govt have really cocked this up, and appear to be loathe to admit it.

    Early days yet though. I may read in the papers later this morning that everyone has now buckled, and paid...Right...

    That's the bare bones of it.
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  4. Do you pay any other property related taxes? If not I'll take your £83 against my £1100!
  5. There is a tax on landlords. There is a tax on holiday homes including static caravans. There is a tax for waste disposal. (It cost me €60 to dispose of a double mattress and some old bedding) there is a tax on imported motor vehicles, called VRT. (extortionately high) my mate imported a 6 year old Renault Megane and paid €8000 VRT. Thats more than he paid for the car, purchased in the UK. My last vehicle, BMW X5, cost me €1500 a year in Road Tax, and as is the case in the UK, none of that goes on the roads, which are appalling down here in winter. There is a tax on sewerage. We pay private contractors to empty the bins, now that the County Council have handed that responsibility over. (Me, single guy, modest waste, pays €60 a month) There is a tax on burying someone. My modest little plot cost me €860, and I then need a 'permit' at €30 to erect a headstone.

    There are more, so although we don't have a Council Tax (yet) it all adds up. I suppose we are now paying for all the monumental fiscal cock ups this country has made in the past. To say nothing of the hugely corrupt politicos who helped get us into this situation.

    Don't get me wrong, I love it here, (West Cork) it is a bazillion times better than than the UK, with regard to the standard of living, crime rate, friendly don't give a **** about the H&S factor, but it is expensive.
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  6. IIRC the estimate at the time of the UK poll tax was that a 0.5% refusal to pay would make the system unworkable.
  7. Not sure about that - i think non-payment rate of current council tax is higher than that. I recall that, in the brief poll tax era, even a small change in circumstance or an innocent missed payment resulted in a blizzard of final demands and summons.
  8. Just scanned this. There are about 4m bods living over here, of course not all of them are home owners. But 25% of the population? Surely the Govt have to have a rethink...

    Front page of todays Examiner.


    P.S. The escaped elephant story was funny as well.

    Edited to add. 1.8m home owners are eligible and only 55,536 have paid as of going to print.

    Enforcement starts on Monday...
  9. My mother is up in arms that she has to pay this tax…*She thought the idea of paying rates, local, sewage and water, was only something 'da English' did/
  10. What's open to them? Sequestered property or ten years stir could make non payment a bit dicey.
  11. There is a late payment charge of €10. If convicted in Court, there is a maximum fine of €2,500.

    The Taoiseach is currently in China, and he said yesterday, that nobody will be going to prison for non payment.

    It is still very much up in the air though. I thought the deadline was last night, but it's not it's midnight tonight.

    I expect it will all get sorted out in the pub. It usually does.
  12. It is a desperate bid by the government to raise extra funds to appease the ECB. It is clear that €180M is a drop in the ocean and the tax will have to be increased dramatically.

    Then there's the "Septic Tank" charge... FFS, you pay to install and run a septic tank on your own property (usually because there is no sewerage system in the area or so that you don't overload existing systems) and now have to pay for the privilege!

    I believe that during the Celtic Tiger, Ireland at one stage had the highest cost of living in the Euro Zone. I doubt that's the case now, but it still ain't feckin' cheap!

    And so it should be.
  13. As a fairly regular visitor "down South" it's noticeably cheaper now compared to two/three years ago, it's still bloody dear but it's not the absolute "shred your credit card at the border" operation that it was relatively recently.
  14. Hoteliers and Restaurateurs are beginning to realise that tourism is a good thing. Who wants to come here and and spend €100 on a B&B and €25 on a steak meal in a not very fancy gaff?

    People would rather go to Spain, it's a hellava lot cheaper and bloody warmer as well.

    The village I live in is by the coast, it is a tourist attraction and ALL of the members of our Business Association have reduced there prices in relation to accommodation and food. It is the only way for a business to survive.

    My mate and his family from Belfast come down here often, they love it. No stress, no crime and he says some stuff is cheaper than back home. That's the way forward.
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  15. I have never been to the Republic, and have no intention of ever doing so. I`ve seen rain. I know many Irishmen because of my job, and they all tell me the same stories about the lunatic prices over there. Instead of wasting money on TV holiday adverts, of which there are many, perhaps the Irish Tourist Board should find ways of getting the cost of visiting the place down. That way those who actually want to go there, will. Cheap booze, good food, and good weather go to making a holiday. I`m sure the Paddies can manage two out of the three.