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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by groovygunner, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. "how high can a Vulcan fly?" who cares..."what is this aeroplane?" who cares (apart from the 341 thousand geeks speculating)..."can I buy a cessna in america and how will i get it to europe?"(ask lindbergh) DULL DULL DULL this forum is now so dull I have reverted to watching BBC4. With such talent as MDN, Flashy and even rancid Welsh warthog Taffridge, I feel it odd that I am not made to laugh as much as I would like. Could we please have less GEEKY RAF types on here speculating the fuel burn of their own boring breath and more "OOO remember when the fish killer shagged the fat fat fat ugly bird from the pigs bar, then went down on her the next morning...sober". God some of you blue types are so amazingly dull, I fear for the whereabouts of your nads.
  2. Agree with you to a point, more tall/true stories (never let the truth get in the way of a good story!)!!!! But I put just such a post on and I get loads of views and stuff all in the way of replies! Don't tell me all the 4 regt/Detmold lot have died! Oh well, back to apathy, those in are too busy to read arrse, those out realise too much has changed in the 3 years since we left!
  3. Hmm, you have 10 posts on this website. Why don't you shut up, watch, listen and learn (might be asking a bit much on the last one,) and then come back when you are capable of posting a decent comment.

    Ever heard of freedom of speech? Just because these questions might seem irrelevant and dull to you, it doesn't mean that other people have to see it that way. So come back when you've got a higher mental age than that of a toddler.

    EDITED TO ADD:- Learn how to use punctuation.
  4. Oh, and stick to the NAAFI you boring dullard.
  5. GG, you really did get out of bed the wrong side today, didn't you. Or maybe the time of your posts is a clue. Usually better not to post after a good night in the BBC.
  6. GG do you need a little arrse cuddle???

  7. Ritch, groovygunner is a serving soldier in the Army Air Corps of at least 15 yrs service. This is a thread and forum thats relevant to him... You are an 18 year old boy who needs to open eyes, engage brain and think before pressing submit, hence lots of yoru crap being hurled in the arrsehole.

    You are a civillian thats never served, so take your advice, your accusations of dullardy and go to Yahoo chat or ''

    I agree with Groovy, more tales and linebook yarns required.

    Perhaps the thread starter can furnish us with a thread starter, one that doesn't involve him totalling a Montego :D
  8. Yeah right on first we had Blurs New Model Army now we are on Bruins Boyos.
    Back in my day we had troopers who had attempted the Channel in a Stalwart, good guy wuz Bob P and the mad jock who wiped the dog shoite off his middle finger His Jockeys Ound having vanished overboard at 10,000 ft and 20 miles back.
    Yes cum on you boring barstewards lets have sum tales from the sons of the Modern PC Army.
  9. Right, I'm away to get pished and upon my return I will attempt a translation. :D
  10. Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear...poor little Rich(kid). What is your point about free speech exactly??? Am I not free to express my fears for the Army Aviation forum, seeing as I am an Army aviator(albeit from behind...easy Taffridge) I rather suspect it is you that is dull, dull, dull. What an easy fish you were to snare. Thanks for the laugh tho, knobjockey, and cheers to MDN. The Montego in question was only slightly bashed, but the Escort was totally fcuked. Boss was ok about it tho cos I got a Mondeo as a prize. On that note perhaps a thread along the lines of "things I got away with" although I think it may have been done before....Now then Rich, should a comma really be inside parentheses or after them. Hmmmmmmm
  11. I think it has been done before but we can dig it out and add to it.
  12. Why dont you chew my winnets, you spotter, aircraft bore the pants off me and the only reason I joined the AAC is because it was first on the list, however The Army Air Corps was virgin territory for me (It was a struggle getting in but once I was there it felt pretty nice.)

    I hate flying and find it about as exciting as sitting on a very noisy bus with really uncomfortable seats, unlike Groovygunner who has spent so much time in the back of a Lynx, his knees have disintigrated (Dont believe his bluff that it was caused by backscuttling his young lady on a hard wood floor)

    However I do like spit roasting and deficating my undies whilst drunk, I do realise that this makes me a dullard in your books, but I would probably get shunned by all my friends if I invited them round my gaff to share tail rotor NSNs.

    PS Punctuation is for rough girls and delicate boys, a bit like the RAF really
  13. Ignore Rich. He's a cock that has no rights or say in this forum.

    Even you're more worthwhile, groovy. ;)

    Mdn isn't because he of course is a civvy too.
  14. Sorry for the rant, guys, got nothing against the blue jobs, but I was a bit tired, and a little bit pished, as spotted by MG. By the way does anyone else think that an 371 posts in 4 months is a little just me then.
    Right, apart from the staff car getaway(geddit) which I managed by volunteering for tours til every job in RHQ had rotated, I have been caught for everything else, which may explain my current rank, however Taffridge has got away with just short of all sorts, so come on chaps, spill the beans...
  15. You'd better not look at my posting ratio then. 8O

    Taffridge has done most things with most species.....twice. He's a grotty little man with a panchant for scat (and I dont mean Cleo Laine).