Boffins Have Proof!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Some Paleontologists larking about Gibraltar have stumbled on some bits and pieces of Neanderthal garbage in a cave.. Carbon dating " proves " that these slope-headed types were still about when " modern man " waltzed about the hills and dales and these boffins speculate that the two branches of humanity " could have interacted " [ to put it politely ]

    Why anyone would be attracted to a hairy knuckle dragging type, unless after more than a few beers, is a point for debate ...BUT..

    and here's the kicker..DNA studies and genetic analysis of Neanderthal bones have researchers ' speculating ' that the cave dwellers may have passed on some genes to those people of European descent...AND GET THIS.." Including the gene for Red Hair "

    There you have it proof positive Gwar's are lower on ther evolutionary scale and should be beaten about the head with clubs just to remind them of the ' good old days '
  2. My understanding of the article was that the evidence from Gibraltar showed that the Neanderthals were still around thousands of years later than previous evidence had shown. The scientists then suggest there must have been "interaction". The problem is, AFAIK, that there is no genetic evidence to show, one way or another, that "Modern" Man interbred with Neanderthals (although the chunk of my brain marked "the NAAFI" suggests that they probably did). I don't think the scientists have any N-DNA; all they have are a few skeletons which are distinctly different to that of Modern Man.

    How does one persuade the press to publish the story? Answer: sex it up (just like Alastair Campbell)!

  3. They are all wrong Neanderthals are still alive and well and serving in the British Army. Many can normally be found in and around Colchester!