Boeing Wins Contract to Build USAF Tankers

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Blogg, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. TBH did Airbus really bother to put in a serious bid?
  2. Did they bribe half the Pentagon this time too?
  3. I can't believe Boeing actually won this after losing the first round. Talk about an uneven playing field.
  4. Pretty well ensures that they will not be cut up as scrap before they have flown though!
  5. It is possible that EADS might appeal the decision(again)
  6. Not unless they have a valid technical or bid reason and the USAF made damn sure they were watertight on this one.
  7. Over such a massive deal, I can understand protectionism. Far from being an expert on tankers, I would imagine that both sides were offering effectively the same thing, maybe one offered more value for money blah blah blah... When you are talking multi billions, being able to keep that 'in house' is almost an end in its own right.

    I'm not suprised nor am I particularly enraged that they should choose to favour one of their own.
  8. Believe the EADS bid was more capable and was to be built on Alabama and only slightly more expensive.

    But Boeing was going to win.


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  9. Oh well, although not as good, at least the US tankers will be BERRY Compliant.
  10. This was never about the technical capabilities, effectiveness or otherwise of the technical bids.

    It was always about pork. Basically, this programme is a huge undeclared subsidy to Boeing who will be using an obsolete airframe as the basis of this tanker, so getting a huge second bite of the cherry using a production line that had already paid for itself and was about to be closed and the tooling broken up and the workforce made redundant.

    Ever since the 50's, Boeings civil aircraft division has been able to rely on a huge and very lucrative standing order book with the US DoD that ensures it always has plenty of money to fund it's civilian R&D and keep itself in the game.

    EADS had the best bid, but Boeing owned more Congressmen and Senators.