Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche 2nd prototype at Farnborough 1998

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Raven2008, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Popped down on the first day of Farnborough 98 and lucky to come close and personal to the 2nd prototype RAH-66 Comanche which made its first airshow and first international appearance all in one week in sunny Hants :)

    And funnily enough the Comanche had been put forward part of the AAC attack helicopter competition entries along with the Eurocopter Tiger, Atlas Rooivalk, 4 blade Super Cobra, Kamov Werewolf and of course the Boeing AH-64D.


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  2. You took your time telling us about it. :)
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  3. ISO 32 slide film and a slow shutter speed? And forgot to put a stamp on the processing envelope?
  4. That's what happens when you rely on Boots for anything other than toiletries.
  5. Perhaps the OP is on dial-up and he's only just got the photos uploaded?
  6. FUnnily enough had dial up back in 98 :) Any chances one could resurrect Comanche this side of the pond re Yeovil and use as a perfect Olympic protection tool as in precise Blue Thunder type THOR to protect the Olympics? )
  7. You spoilt that by implying that Yeovil would have anything to do with it.
  8. Does that tail rotor look like the one on the super secret helicopter they left in Pakistan for the Chinese to look at.
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  9. If you let Yeovil touch it, it would cost 4 times as much and be less effective than a Robinson R22
  10. Don't forge a timeline that would make a Cathedral builder blush and an attitude varying between bewilderment and sneering contempt.

    I personally love the method of climbing the side of the Wildcat at the moment. Yes I'm sure lots of things need alteration throughout the process, the fact that you'd already cleared it was beside the point as you don't care about costs as the good 'ol MOD will have no choice but to stump up for it. Quite how you produced something unusable by all but the most gargantuan amongst us is beyond me, but at least you didn't really seem perturbed by it at all...

    Timelines are just a word you bandy around in your vast 'production' line, devoid of staff until you look next door in the Merlin foreign sales section.....
  11. *Comment Removed due to incriminating myself....(and anything I say regarding Wildcat, AW or the Lynx PT can be read in my upcoming best selling memoirs. £19.99 from all good book shops)* :wink:
  12. Around Christmas time, 15 years ago at Aldergrove, I was off duty and having a drink in the AAC SGT's & WO's mess. This little lad came in with his parents and showed of his new Crimbo present a Comanche Toy Helicopter. I must have been at Wallop on a course when they were trying to flog the Comanche to the AAC because I had a this Comanche tie pin. Kind hearted soul that I was I retrieved the tie pin from my room and gave it to the lad as an other Christmas Present.
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  13. What ever hppened to it? Did it just get shit-canned or did it fun out cash?

    It was being hailed as the great white hope a few years back. Somehow I didn't think it would work out like they said, and I'm no flyer.
  14. My thoughts exactly!
  15. Neither. He's just done a stretch at Wansworth for the kiddy porn he had on the rest of the film.