Boeing rolls out a long-range rival to Airbus 740-seat giant

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Image here:
  2. "I want that one!"
  3. Now that is one big muth@****@ of a plane!
  4. TrollyDolly,

    The size of that plane it would take you all the flight to get round with the duty free,the food and the drinks :D :D
  5. No hun i am a woman and therefore can multi task.
  6. Does the name "Titanic" come to anyone else's mind?
  7. At least one Saudi prince has put in an order for an A380 to be fitted out as a private plane. Puts the cost of the Saturday shopping run into perspective.
  8. When the planes initially come into to service, they will have all the nice luxuries of a bar and gym. perhaps a Sleep section with fitted beds. After a while all of this will be phased out, and the space taken up with more seats. Just like Boeing did with the 747 when it first came into service.

    If charles went out and bought a plane like the the new airbus, could you imagine the outcry and backlash.

  9. Just think of the size of cattle class on that fecker!!!

    Nose to toes with your neighbour for 9 hours, - what fun!!!

    Oh, - and when they 'put one down' your looking at a huge casualty list!!!