Bodyweight Exercises

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know any good ones apart from pushups, sit ups, crunches, dorsal raises, the plank etc..

    Looking for some interesting ones that are fun to do.. been working on handstand press ups against a door but bloody hard to do.

  2. Pull-ups and chin-ups.
  3. hooping the missus as fast as you can!
  4. Lunges (with rotations for core work too)
    close / wide pushups
    close / wide pull ups (overgrasp)
    side planks
    side crunches (hits obliques and abs)
    Any sort of step work (basic step ups, box jumps etc)
    Single-leg squats

    theres alot any movement your body can do can be made an exercise :)
  5. if anyone is brave enough to have your feet in their face have someone hold your ankles rather than leaning against a door/wall. It is just as hard!:)
  6. Press up to squat thrust (make sure those knees come al the way to the chest!)
    Burpee :)
    Windmill press ups (press up and then rotate into side plank, and back down)
    One armed press up
    Frog/Marine press up (bring a knee up to the elbow as you do the press up)
    asymmetric press ups (one hand forward one hand back)
    Wide armed dips
    close armed dips
    incline press up
    decline press up
    alternate squat thrust
  7. Try Hindu press-ups and Hindu squats - google it!! Also the Navy Seals have a similar press up called the Divebomber which is apparently good.

    Theres a septic bloke who does all that kinda training and calls it combat fitness I believe. Ive seen it on a bodybuilding forum before.
  8. every day do 50 bench presses using your children, as they gain weight it becomes harder!

    Or borrow someone elses kids
  9. i'd just stop the kids eating ... then it would get easier :twisted:
  10. Would happen to be the fella that also trains rockclimbers & all the fellas from 300 would it ? <--- Grey haired guy talking to the camera
  11. Mark Twight owner/runner of gym jones, his an alpine climber.

    check out the 'knowledge' and 'video' sections.
  12. Thanks everyone! Some good stuff. If anyone else is interested check out this site: If you go into the forum there is a list bodyweight training programs listen in 20 levels of difficulty which is pretty cool.. jumping right in with handstand push ups probably wasnt the best idea lol.

    I am all too familiar with burpees.. bloody evil things.