Bodystrength exercisez

Hi lads,

just wandering what bodyweight exercises are required during AOSB?

Heard side planks, leg raisens and dog dips are important.

I was told to practice skipping and Hand Stands to build up my anterior deltoids to make press ups a breeze.

Hows everyone else coping with training?

Go boxing mate all the fitness you need. Running, skipping, circuits, core body stregnth exercise like planks and leg raises, bag work and more. Do it a few time a week and you'll have a good level of fitness.
Get hold of this months copy of Men's Health. There is a book included by Ian Oliver full of boxing training tips.
To be honest, best thing for press-ups is, depressingly enough, press-ups.
BigAl_2 said:
Lewis said:
Im going to start going Boxing again even if its 3 pound a go.
I pay 4 quid a week and 25 quid memdership a year, worth it though.
How many times a week can you go? I can only go on Wensdays as thats when its on,theres loads of little shits that just piss about so you ''spar'' with them :D

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