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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by drummer9, Apr 17, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick question for the ones who know. I'll be deploying on my first tour of the Ghan in a few months but haven't seen this answered anywhere. Basically, when you are conducting searches of people, are you allowed to frisk children?
  2. I always frisk children....normally when they're naked. Often a little bit of lube is needed for the 1st finger.

    Bore off journo
  3. Ask your DS on your pre-tour training.

    I like asking after they have some fella tell you that if you're captured and raped it's perfectly normal to ejaculate.
  4. Not only are you allowed to frisk them, you can rape and top them once their balloon knots are puckered. We even put some in MFO boxes and posted them to Gary Glitter
  5. Gutted! There must have been a change in the RoE. We weren't allowed to kill them after the raping, as we weren't a septic kill team.
  6. drummer9 who you deploying with and what will your job role be in afghan?

    if you are not trained in search then you wont be doing it.
  7. Are you trying to tie this in with the American 6 year old getting touched up at the airport on the other thread?

    Do people actually say "the Ghan" in real life?
  8. NO you arent allowed to frisk them because it offends them culturally for us to touch them.

    You have to use the Hoodlum metal detector instead - its advisable to use lube and condom on it though, because carrying around a Hoodlum covered in shit is quite unpleasant.
  9. oh yeah they do say the "ghan" a lot......along with a fixed 1000 yard stare - it was hell out there man!...
  10. Lots of people been using the Ghan thing for a while now.
  11. I'm going as an IR away from my Battalion. Basically stagging on and doing escorts.

    Any sensible replies anyone?
  12. i like doing escorts too!
  13. I wish I had a job doing escorts! Does the MoD pay for the escorts?
  14. I prefer that to 'Affers' any day of the week.
  15. He doesnt know maaaan, he wasn't there. You can take a thousand baths and still sweat the 'ghan maaaan.