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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by drummer9, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick question for the ones who know. I'll be deploying on my first tour of the Ghan in a few weeks but haven't seen this answered anywhere. Basically, when you are conducting searches of people, are you allowed to frisk children?
  2. Ask your embedded monkey who'll be fully clued up with Amendment 3 of SOI J3-9.
  3. The ****ing Ghan? I suppose you'll be taking a 'gat' and walking round saying 'Happy days!'.

    **** me ragged.
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  4. Just as long as they're the same sex, which undoubtably they will and you have good reason absolutely. The locals are used to it anyway. Just as long as you don't shove your thumb up his arrse you'll be fine. Always air on the side of caution. If you feel the need to search anyone flag it up to your team commander and carry out the search. Just use a bit of courtesy and common dog mate.
  5. You can shoot them if the circumstances call for it, therefore yes - if the circumstances call for it. Personally I'd worry more about the possibility of having to slot an 11 year-old SBIED bomber.
  6. Judging by his photo he'll be too busy sucking the ANP off.

  7. Yes you are mon ami.

    You are also allowed to smoke dope from the muzzle of a shotgun, call your boss Ell Tee and carry spare cigarettes and rifle cleaning kit in your helmet cover.

    The "Ghan"!!!!

    You utter ****, are you TA?
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  8. You, Fally, are clearly not down wid da kids. Re-show, showing a modern understanding of da yoof.
  9. Who are "the ones who know"? I would love to meet them. I've already met the "ones who know **** all", mostly in the rather nice gardens at ISAF HQ in Kabul; the ones holding hands with a chimp-like Press Officer, constantly wiping their brows before scuttling back inside for the aircon and a banana.
  10. Cadet AIs or you could always PM spunkymonkey.
  11. Yeh, yeh, yeh - cheers lads. It was a simple question, so cheers for the couple of sencible answers.

    AFYI, I'm not a ****ing STAB, I am second line defensive infantry / tradesman.
  12. So you'll have the green light to search them up the 'tradesman's entrance' then. Job done.
  13. Well done you!

    Now, stop spouting shite like a day one week one STAB.

    You don't know you weren't there man!

    The ****ing Ghan.......
  14. What the **** is second line defensive infantry?

    ****ing Jesus Christ allcuntingmighty.
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  15. Well, if you raised your eyes from out of your own little world you'd know.

    23 Pioneer Regt mate.