Body of Lies Leo di Caprio and Russ Crowe film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by GLESGA-NED, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Watched this film last night on Box office. It's about the CIA in Iraq and Jordan. I thought it was a good film, it passed a couple of hours and even the missus liked it. I would say if you liked Man on Fire or Blood Diamond for instance you would like this. I thought both leading actors played a excellent roles.

    Obviously if you can't move yourself away from the fact that the US are doing everything on their own to win the war on terror. Then I would stick to discovery channel for the real stories of the operators in the CIA :p
  2. Watched it last year and thought it was above average.

    Not a patch on the departed.
  3. by coincidence i bought this while shopping last week and watched it last night. Thought it was excellent (and much better than Quantum of Solace that i watched previous night), a good and believable relatively sophisticated plot and good performance by diCraprio..£9 well spent

  4. The Departed was terrible when you put it up against Scorseses other movies, can't believe he doesn't get an oscar for the likes of Goodfellas, Casino or Raging Bull but gets it for one of his weakest movies.