Body of former soldier, 42, lay in van parked at pub for FOUR MONTHS

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by glosterbaggie, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. R.I.P. Stand down soldier

    "The body of a former soldier lay undiscovered in a van parked at a pub for four months despite attempts by the landlord to have the vehicle removed.
    Paul O'Brien, from Cambridge, who fought in the first Gulf War and served two tours in Northern Ireland, was found in the back of the vehicle after it was towed away by the council.
    The 42-year-old, who once carried the body of his best friend for five miles after he was killed on a reconnaissance mission in Southern Ireland, has been described as a 'kind man.'

    Body of former soldier, 42, lay in van parked at pub for FOUR MONTHS | Mail Online
  2. "killed on a reconnaissance mission in Southern Ireland"

    A new one on me.
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  3. Shame that the fella died alone and went un-missed for a four months; I'd be a bit suspicious about the 5 mile carry with a dead comrade from the RoI though.
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  4. Perhaps its just a "Mail" type job but as its quiet thought would put it on!
  5. Unless it's all a fairy tale.
  6. RIP Mate

    As for Border Xing, it happened quite often on my last tour. A Sergeant who shall remain nameless made a habit of crossing said border to antagonise the usual overweight Garda officers who would huff and puff up the hill just in time to watch the multiple bomb burst back into Ulster. After a couple on instances they wised up and within days full colour piccies of said Sergeant had been placed on the Commanding Officers desk by the RUC liaison officer.
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  7. How many times was there a fatality?
  8. Sounds like "Bog Trotter Two Zero" to me.
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  9. Where's Tropper when you need an authenticated recollection of what happens in those "unlikely but true aspects of life" of which mere mortals can only imagine.
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  10. Minus Garda Officers in Cardiac Arrest that would be nil!
  11. It's the "O" that does it!
  12. given the quality of journalism could they mean South Armagh?

    Still bit of a long way to take someone to an HLS
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its The Mail, so expect it to be embellished with nonsense designed to provoke a reaction.

    What is clear though, is that some unfortunate has gone to meet his maker in an unfortunate manner, keep that, and the fact this is in CA, in mind.
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  14. There may be a modicum of truth in the story as at one time patrols from Crossmaglen and Forkhill were being engaged, from across the border, by an ASU using an M60 machine gun which caused a few casualties. When I was there there were certainly rumours that the SAS had, on more that one occasion, ventured South in an attempt to ambush them. That said, it was only rumours. There was also the Puma incident when an RAF Puma was clearly identified dropping troops of well within the Republic which caused a bit of a diplomatic incident. So, there may have been some truth in the Old Boys war stories.
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  15. Old boy?! He was only 42!
    Sad way to go though. Would have thought the van would have had a certain aroma from it though after 4 months.