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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Emkay, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. The Army website says all applicants should have a body mass index of 18-28. Apparantly the body mass index is a flawed system that does not provide accurate results for people with athletic build.

    My body mass index is 29, I am muscular and take regular exercise.

    I regularly run 5 miles with ease and do all sorts of weights yet I am 1 over what the army states to be acceptable body mass index.

    Will this prevent me applying?
  2. edit: I knobbed up
  3. tell you the truth I wouldn't mind knowing myself, in my day you ran and did heaves, now they have this new fangled BMI thing that (I belive) is totlal arrse

    Now sense would say sod the score, what did he/she get on the run, but that would be sensable and this is the army we are talking about
  4. All you can do is ask your ACIO I guess...
  5. Basically I am built like a rugby player.

    Most of the England Rugby Union forward pack would probably be obsese on the BMI.
  6. Ask the AFCO
  7. your right about the BMI not taking athletes into the equation as muscle is heavier than fat,im told that a new system is being looked at where your waist measurement x your height may be more accurate but when this system is going to be introduced i have no idea but if the army is like the NHS see you in 10 years.
  8. I am on the RCB briefing in January. I hope that whoever does the paperwork does not see this as a problem. I will be furious if they deny me the opportunity of entry because of this.
  9. I'm taking Main Board in Jan and my BMI is 18.4 so technically I'm underweight but no one's mentioned this as a problem. It's true that BMI doesn't really take into account athletes. Shouldn't worry about it too much! :) I don't think they're really interested!
  10. 18-28 is the range the website says.
  11. Well at least I can pack in the mince pies over Chrimbo!! :wink:
    I came out with some absolute corkers in my interview and they still let me through, so I'm sure that being slightly outside the BMI range will not hinder you in the slightest!

    Best of luck with the briefing.
  12. BMI is generally accepted as being a flawed measure. It has to be used in conjunction with a range of other assessments.

    By BMI alone, this chap is obese:---


    I'll let you tell him..
  13. According to the body mass index chart I am a fat knacker too.
  14. I don't need a BMI to let me know I'm a fat knacker
  15. ... mine is 26. Now that HAS to be wrong considering I've never passed my BFT.