Body found in Manchester House - Police kill Four Dogs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Girl Dies In House With 'Out Of Control' Dogs

    A teenager has been found dead in a house in Manchester by police who say they were confronted by a number of "aggressive and out of control" dogs.

    The body of the girl, believed to be 15 years old, was found at the property in the Atherton area of the city.

    Armed police killed four dogs, while a fifth was securely contained.

    Superintendent Mark Kenny, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "First and foremost, our thoughts are with the family of the girl who has tragically lost her life.

    "I understand this is an extremely distressing incident for all concerned, including the community, and we will work hard to establish the full circumstances that led to this tragedy.

    "There will be a significant police presence in the area, which will remain this afternoon and evening. We will be there to carry out an investigation and address any concerns residents may have.

    "It would be too early for us to speculate about what has happened, and further information will be released when it becomes available."

    More follows...
  2. Deleted - didn't realise it was in CA.
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Poor sod was visiting. I wonder if someone will end up in gaol.
  4. Waiting on the first Facebook campaign to have Dibble prosecuted for killing the poor, defenceless doggies who had just been badly treated.

    Bet there's (more than) one by morning.
  5. Just stupid, you keep 2 Bull Mastiffs and two Staffordshire Bull Terriers in a 3 bed and this is what happens, I hope the owners get long sentences. Poor girl, horrid death.
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  6. What a way to go, poor lass.
    In a way, I feel a bit sorry for the dogs as well, who clearly drew the short straw in life and were lumbered with cretins who had a lower IQ than the dogs.
    Having that many "savage" dogs in one small property is madness and I agree with Philc that somebody needs to be hammered over this.
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  7. Dogs should be licensed, like cars.
    And the licence should be dependent upon having insurance, like cars.
    No insurance, no licence.
    Council house, toy breed? £50p.a.
    Council house, large potentially aggressive breed? £10,000 p.a.
    Caught with dog and no licence? Mandatory five years, same as a firearm offence.
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  8. Cars are not licensed....
  9. Actually, they are.

    Edit:- Although, if it makes you feel better. Substitute "tax" for licence in both instances.
  10. Actually, they are not. Show me your car license

    ​edit: make your mind up - do you want a dog licence or a dog tax?
  11. Make your mind up whether you pay Road Fund Licence or Car Tax.
  12. Cats too can be vicious.
    Licence for cats?

    Than again, few years ago a man died after a hamster bite...
    Licence for hamsters?

    Bird flu?
    Licence the budgies!

    Some fish can be deadly!..
    Guppies can be licensed £20 p.a., while stone fish -- £20000 p.a.

    And so financial crisis will be defeated!
  13. I would quite happily pay for a dog licence for a pack of feral pit bulls if it meant I could put them in a room with you wearing a suit made out of liver....

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  14. You can speed in a 1.1 Fiat or you can speed in a Mistubishi Evo, insurers have no difficulty in deciding which presents the greater risk.
    Equally they will have no difficulty in deciding whether a cat, King Charles Spaniel or Bull Terrier present the greatest risk.

    Not a problem.
  15. Cue tens of thousands of toerags abandoning their dogs in the street, also cue tens of thousands of responsible owners desperately trying to rehome their dogs or having them needlessly put down.
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