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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 303SMLE, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. In terms of optimum 'military' fitness, what is a sensible body fat percentage to aim for?

    I currently weigh 13st5lbs or thereabouts, with 15% fat. I feel this is a bit high, if I dropped to 10% fat or thereabouts, then I would loose about 9.35lbs of effectively 'dead weight' which is presumably, only going to be a good thing in terms of my speed etc.

    However, I'm not sure that 'cover model' levels of fat, like 4% or 5% are really a good idea, as I expect it will reduce my long term '3 weeks in the field' endurance.

    What's the received wisdom on this?
  2. It is completely irrelevant so long as its within sensible boundaries.

    Cover models (if you mean Mens Health look) aren't that low. Stage-ready BBers will be around 3-4% in most cases but 99.99999999999999% of people will never get that lean (and built) without anabolic support.

    The "dead-weight" won't do you any harm. BF protects your interal organs, keeps you warm and allows storage of important energy and fat soluble vitamins.

    If you're fit enough to do everything you need to do, then it would be pointless to try and calculate a BF.
  3. PS: how do you know you have 15% BF?
  4. I have a set of scales that shoot electricity up through my feet and work out your body composition from the resistance. (You have to input you're height and stuff)

    It all started 'cos I started training again after getting back from Telic (Initially cos I was thinking about having a crack at RM, funnily enough) and I was struggling on runs, felt very 'heavy'. I hopped on the scales and noticed I was about a stone heavier than when I was at my peak, and my step-mums body fat measuring scales told me I was about 20% fat.

    I did some maths and worked out that if I reduced it to 10%-12% I would effectively be taking off a set of webbing, which is only going to help with speed etc.

    There is an element of vanity; I've got a bit of 'paunch' and love handles, and it would be nice to be able to see my abs again!

    I just wondered what the 'sensible' limits for optimum fitness in a military context really are!
  5. I've got them Tanita scales which measure body fat and according to the booklet that comes with it 15% comes in as Healthy for all age groups. It says for 20-39 year olds your BF should be between 8-20%. So according to that mate you're ok. I'm 43 and mine is 19% and I only weigh just under 12 stone and I should be between 11-22%.
  6. Those electricity scales are notorious for giving false/very wide ball park figures.
    Try and get yourself some calipers and do it that way (they usually come with a chart or something)