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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cdt_l/cpl, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. can british troops over in afghanistan and iraq wear unissued body armour eg privatly purchased stuff ? i have been hearing quite a few bad things about the issued body armour. :?
  2. NO WAH!

    Don't worry as a cadet I doubt they will send you, we are streched not over streched.

    On a serious note if you did get away with doing it (which would probably be quite easy if you put the stuff in British desert DPM covers) you would have no come back (insurance and compensation) when you got shot/blew up and injured/killed. How do you know that the stuff you buy will be better? Will you test it? Also you must have a serious ammount of spare cash lying around, it is expensive stuff.
  3. If you can find a better product that provides the same level of protection and documentation to prove it doubt bosses would object .Problem is it would be very exspensive and probably just as bulky
    and heavy .There is buying comfy kit and then there is going over the top
    and this in my opinion is beyond an indviduials level to fix.
  4. i understand that i would not get sent over there as a cadet, but i am joining next year, plus about that insurance if u get shot or blown up whats the point in havin it when your dead i know your family would get it but that would only happen if they took the MOD to court.
  5. What for? Blowing you up?

    Compensation culture anyone?
  6. There was a bloke in 1 RIRISH who had all sorts of privately purchased "additions" to his BA. Looked a bit odd if you ask me.
  7. would you rather look odd and live or look normal and die?
  8. I'm too old to know what goes on now but the drive for personal protection can be a double-edged sword. I know of cases where guy was so fixated on on his living longer that he took his eye off the ball and was a sitting target. I also wonder if the "am I as safe as possible" attitude could not, in some way minor or more significantly, add to combat stress levels?
  9. Guy's and Gal's

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  10. Is this a MOD approved research paper. Who are you, where are you
    from what are you studying. Try to get your introduction a bit more friendly so that you won't get told to **** off in this rude way.
    And read the joining instructions and post on an appropriate thread
    Put you Uni/College/Whatever website address on here so we can check
    you out first.
    Congrats you have come across as a 1005 prick without really trying
  11. look, its pretty simple, body armour that we get issued works. it is not going to stop you getting injured/killed if you take 7.62 to the boat race but it does reduce the damage taken from shrapnel and some small arms. ultimately if you are really worried about being shot/killed dont join the army.

    armour works but the real life savers are good skills and drills on ALL levels- from CSM to Tom. and a lil bit of luck.
  12. I can't see your RPAX paying out if your injured when wearing none issue kit.

    If you do die while wearing, and your folks try and make a quick few (more) quid from it the MOD will more than likely feck them off at the high port.

    "He was issued with the best armour money can buy, but chose to wear something else. If he was wearing our stuff he'd still be alive. Now go away."

    Harsh but fair.
  13. In my usual fatuous fashion I suggest that learning to use the apostrophe correctly would give a little more credence to your academic pretentions....

  14. good one the link doesnt even work you muppet, so go and post in a thread that is relivant, i asked wether people are allowed to wear non issue body armour in the army and I DID NOT ASK people to post questionaries about some stupid paper their doing! To all the rest of you thank you very much for your comments and you have answered my question, once again thank you.