Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by drilller, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Can any body hel? I'm looking for body-armour. It has to be HG2 or NIJ IIIA protection level (ballistic, slash, spike and fair/good knife).

    I'm looking for both an Overt and Covert (aka, undershirts) set.

    The best I have found so far is:
    Covert - £324.37 Inc VAT
    Overt - £319.27 Inc VAT

    Both sets MUST be black, not to fussed about the weight as long as it is no heavier than 3kgs each or 6 kgs collectively.

    Any offers or help is well come many thanks.
  2. Why? Who've you upset?
  3. Surely the covert colour isnt that important? and the overt colour is easily changed by a cover......
  4. Dont buy second-hand.

    Don't buy any "Ex-Metropolitan police". There were many faulty ones which have found themselves on the market.

    Don't buy the cheapest. You pay for what you get, in build and quality and the latest materials. ITS YOUR LIFE REMEMBER.

    Try Hawk. They make good quality body armour. Myself and a few friends have bought armour from them. (They are located in N.Ireland but are safe).
  5. Nope i haven upset any one.
    The only reason I need both Overt and Covert
    is because it is not always suitable to wear Overt when doing CP/BG kind of jobs. (id, sitting in a bar or eatery)

    I'll give Hawk a look do you have a website for them?
  6. Walt Alert
  7. How abut no walt alert some people do actually do CP/BG you know...

    It doesn't mean to say i'm a walt, if i'm asking about protective clothing for my job as that is what I do!!!!!!!!!!

    you CNUT
  8. If you say so! :wink: - I just thought that someone in the 'CP/BG' line of work might know where to get the kit to equip them for said work!
  9. Girls, girls, get a room. This is why "Chat" was invented.

    Saucer of milk, table 2.
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Don't buy second hand. Kevlar and similar fibres have a shelf life (dependant on material) and you'll never know how old yours is. These materials also degrade if subject to immersion/UV light, so beware of damaged covers.

  11. You doing CP stuff between assignments for that child care course you're on ?
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I have a set of Overt CBA Level 2A (stop .45, 9mm, 7.62 pistol) with moulded ceramic front and rear inserts (7.62x49). Should probably fit most circumstances for anyone in Afghanistan/Iraq/shitty muslim country. GBP900 (its the ceramic you see). 2x covers - DPM temp and dessie.

    And in defence of the walt chap a moment ago, in Amsterdam most pub and club bouncers wear covert armour, you can spot them going to work with their big black canvas bags from around 7pm...

    Oh yes, my CBA comes with a free big black canvas bag.
  13. I have not actually started the CP work as of yet it is going to be something that I will be doing once I have conmpleted it.
  14. Where you thinking about working ? And why do you need to buy your own CBA before the course ? Walt.
  15. Surely white would be a better colour for covert? It wouldn't be as obvious through clothing.