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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TonyPercy, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm curious as to the thoughts on this, where you're getting it and what you're paying. (Feel free to keep as much of it off the boards as you want and in pm though.)

    As I see it there's osprey, defender and dragon skin.

    I've actually been chatting Murray Neal of Pinnacle. But he's going to say DS is superior to those anyway, obviously.

    So I want your thoughts?
  2. I get my ECBA and Osprey free from the QM.

    Others get Paraclete free from the QM.

    Where on earth is this question going?
  3. Which paper do you write for?
  4. The Man from Q&M supplies all our needs.
  5. OPSEC........ so we'll just PM you the 'CLASSIFIED' information 8O
  6. I make my body armour from bits off old tin cans and then get my mum to make a cover out of old curtains
  7. Dragon Skin? Someone's been investigoogling.
  8. Leave my MIL out of this :roll:
  9. Same here. Imagine my pride whilst patrolling Sangin in the only Scooby Doo covered bean can CBA.
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  10. While not wanting to give anything away, I wear two american car doors, one on my front and one on my back. I have seen loads of films and programme that prove nothing can shoot through American car doors! :D
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  11. Indeed.

    (And the pm point was in case journalists are reading, as ever.)

    My question is leading to whether the best kit is being issued, and if not, whether I can get you better.

    And the best way of getting to that answer is establishing what and if people are buying other kit.
  12. Of course they are not, because for very good reasons YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR IT.

  13. To the hole!
  14. Thanks, but mind your own business.