Body Armour works!

Story and video here

I know we've just lost thre Staffords in an IED blast, but there is a story here of a US medic getting hit and surviving because of his body armour.

The page has a link to a video of the incident taken by the insergents who took the shot, and it looks, by the way the soldier drops, that it was a good shot. You'll be amazed at how quickly he gets back up and scoots arount the back of the Humvee, with the insergents doing the traditional "Allah Ackbar" chant in the background. If I was the insergent, I'd wonder who's side Allah was on if his enemy is that 'bullet proof'.


I'll bet he needed a change of skiddies tho!

Shame he never noticed the tw&t with the video camera...........that would have made good he emptied a mag into him.
i noticed he wasn't looking at his arc of fire, instead he is looking at the ground, still one lucky bugger and a happy family back in US.
The shooting team were hidden in a van. Same MO as the snipers in America last year.
The spotter says:

"Let him walk more into the front so when you shoot him it will be a good shot . Then after the shot he says: shall I put the stuff away? The other guy says no. Then the first guy asks: did he fall? Yes, yes he fell ...

Here is the soldier own pictures of the plate and his chest.
I can't seem to get the middle link to work, but the other two pictures are an impressive testimony to the effectiveness of their body armour.
New Lodge, Belfast 1993 - Moose on patrol hit in chestplate of his body armour by ak47 round, he then took part in the follow up and captured the weapon which had been used to murder a Guardsman earlier, he swears by body armour :mrgreen:


Plant-Pilot said:
I can't seem to get the middle link to work, but the other two pictures are an impressive testimony to the effectiveness of their body armour.

......and the accuracy of the sniper. That would have been straight through the heart if he wasn't armoured.
poet said:
What did he hit him with a air-rifle?
I don't think you'd be too cocky if they were taking a pot shot at you now would you? :wink: I know I wouldn't.
His QM will probably be a cnut and charge him for a replacement because the damage to the vest was not "fair wear & tear".

Imagine sending that vid back to your family. "Hi mum, look what I did today!"
8O fookin ell!! lucky barsteward!

kinda off topic but its rather amusing that we have google ads on this thread for ....

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*pmsl* :D

Apparently they returned fire and captured them, in doing so they injured the sniper....the medic that had just been shot then proceeded to give him medical attention.

Funny how stories of goodwill never seem to make the news eh!?
Note that UK body armour would not have stopped the shot. US is full body, weighs in at 50lb+ and even the kelvar liner will stop a 9mm, something our body warmer won't do either.

Debate onward on mobility or protection
It's only about half that weight actually. The vest is also pretty comfortable to wear even with the plates in. Much better than our older vests that at best, might have stopped a 9mm.

I know a soldier that is lucky to be alive. His Humvee took an RPG and his vest stopped the shrapnel that would have killed him. He did get some in his lower back, and that did wound him pretty badly, but he is alive and doing well now. He was the machine gunner on that truck so was not as protected by the vehicle armor.

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