Body armour stories?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rogue_trader, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Too much snow and too much time, thought I would ask a question.

    Has anyone here a personal story about body armour actually saving their lives or preventing an injury? Do people sometimes just ditch it and cary more useful kit, or buy their own armour (i heard talk of something called dragon skin at my old unit from someone who had been working with septics, some kind of scale based mail!)
  2. Only issued body armour can be worn in theatre. There is also no dispensation to 'not' wear it at any time whist on the ground.
  3. so back to my question of, has anyone here actually been saved by it?
  4. Thank god for it saved my life in iraq when my wagon took an RPG still have lots of titanium bits holding my back together with out the armour i would not be here now.
  5. You actually asked three questions. I answered two of them.
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    YES, why do you ask
  7. Although no formal dispensation, it was often the case in the summer months that IEDD operators would remove their body armour. I would remove mine to cool down and I know of operators who would remove it at the device end.

    Almost all of us removed our lids whilst working over a device, no point wearing it.

    Mybody armour definitely saved my life, all my injuries are below the bottom level of the plates.
  8. You're right dingerr. We always took off body armour and helmets once inside a compound unless we weren't staying for a short while, though obviously donned it on stag or once we moved out.
  9. Sorry I meant it in the way of, my primary question is does it work! Thanks for your answer.
  10. Well I dont want to open a can of worms, but, I am going abroad next month to china getting some things made up for work, and the factory can pretty much make anything in clothing. I was going to put in a design to them for some MOLLE vests etc in MTP as I have some interesting ideas and as I will be there anyway, they can throw together some prototypes. I am trying to work out if there is much point designing kit to be used without body armour- for instance what is the point of going to efforts to make it ventilated air gaps between clothing/rig if there is going to be a fuckoff great chunk of osprey there anyway. If body armour is going to be here to stay for all future OP then I will work my design into that bases. If tales are comming back from the front that people are unhappy with it, or using their own plates/inserts, I can work that into the design. Either way cost is going to be less than £10 per vest and some mongs are asking £120+ for these things, so it is worth my time to do it.

    Looks like I let it out of the bag now.
  11. So after realising that you were in fact a work-shy fat **** in this thread you've decided to try your hand at kit building so that you can still be a war hero without actually having to go anywhere dangerous?

    You're as bad as the boffin bloke who wants to make rifle grenades. If you're so desperate to find out about Osprey, get off your arrse and go and play with it for real.
  12. If he can get a set to fit. The fat STAB ****.
  13. That's probably why he's designing new stuff. He's probably never seen a real-size soldier, just the fat **** biff chits hanging round the TAC.

  14. Actually, since then I have sorted out my fitness, transferred RAMC and now have a genuine interest in this field as could be looking at deployment. Christ, Some of you lot have got real chips on your shoulders!