Body Armour on Ranges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rain from above, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. Appologies if this is in the wrong area. Does any body know where the regulations are / what they are regarding the wearing of body armour on ranges practises? I know this may sound a bit strange but when our unit tried to demand extra sets to cover this requirement it was denied. If there is an actual requirement then the document ref will support our demand. Cheers

    Rain from Above
  2. Stage 1 to 3 you don't have to wear it. Stage 4&5 is wearing body armour.

    Dress for Ranges is in Pam 21 and AOSP.
  3. To translate - static ranges, no need for body armour.

    Running around blatting away at pop-up targets; mandatory to wear at least ECBA - that is, the old CBA with plate inserts.

    There is a central loan pool specifically for this purpose.

    It may be that your unit tried to get some ECBA signed over to you, rather than loaned.
  4. Refer to Pam 21 and the range standing orders for the range you are using for the DS solution. If you are a crab-dick, speak to the RAF Regiment section on camp for a copy.
  5. Pararegtom

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    BB has the shooting got worse or A. Manchester police B.
    HSE gone mad?
  6. Check range standing orders some vary at diffiernet locations and can contradict whats laid down in pam 21. Speak with the range staff they should point you in the right direction. Body armour is in short supply, try asking loacal units.
  7. MrBane

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    Been argued for ages now and from what was said on another thread hopefully not too far away;

    On ranges, you should wear the same level of armour as you'd wear in theatre. IE; Osprey.


    Because your firing position alters radically, some might say, horrendously, when using the full kit compliment. Might as well get used to it now.
  8. While it's shit to wear and there's not a major need for it unless your on the IBSR or similar I have to say I agree with that....and I hate wearing it! But it does make sense, shooting with and without makes a big difference. No official word here but just my view
  9. Problem is, as a UOR, Osprey is not on general issue. And as i understand it, the original Osprey is issued for PDT, whereas Osprey Assault is the norm in theatre - and the cut is quite different.

    Don't worry, the PECOC CBA will be along soon, and we'll all be training in what we deploy with.
    PECOC? Are you there...? Bueller...Bueller.......anyone?
  10. Well crow @ ph1 now being issued CBA on a normal basis for ex & ranges, just got over 2000 sets in
  11. Sounds promising, hope the same will happen at the RTCs.