Body armour for the ladds on duty



what would be the answer to a NCO getting his own body armour, setting it up with all badges and colourings as per PM instructions?  At a personal cost of about £450.

think on the subject of duty of care
Can't see you getting any money through "the system" - however you could speak to your Senior Fund Manager (normally the Regt 2IC) and ask if the PRI will offset some of the cost.

Wouldn't hold my breath though.....................


That was ment as a joke that last entry!!!!!!!

I already have the vest and got told i couldnt wear it as it wasnt army issue, if i wore it and my partner got stabbed and i didnt then the managenet would be liable to be sued, and if i wore it and it failed i wouldnt be able to sue the army?????????????????? my vest conforms to PM's instruction to the letter!!!!!!!!!

does anyone else have a vest?
I've got a vest....and a couple of tee shirts and a natty little tank top too!  What the f*ck is  this thread aimed at?  Duty of Care?  Would you care to explain or are you just going to keep us in suspense?  
Sorry, bit slow this morning.  You're in the RMP aren't you?  Now it all makes sense (sort of).


sorry ma sonic that you didnt sus i was in the Corps ;-)  i just thought that this would be picked up by sum1 that knows what i am on about.  

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