Body armour fit(ted) for girls...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. The Pentagon Channel

    Nice move from the US Army there. UOR coming to a Herrick near you soon(?)
  2. His mincing and pussyfooting around with "the bell effect" is priceless. He could have shortened his explanation by simply using the phrase "as women have bigger chests". Amazing some of the shit people have to put up with.
  3. I laughed all the way through, he was desperate not to say room for her breasts ha!He resorted to "chest fit"
  4. Well the Pentagon finally realized that women are built differently than me. Funny clip, they should have just asked Lt McGriff what she thought rather than have her stand there silent.
  5. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    that might be good kit for the older gent who still wants to do his bit
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  6. **** me, its like the Shopping Channel. Really quite simple: Issue a DIN stating 'body armour for chicks to take in to account tits and larger arse' Its not as if they (or we) have to sell it.

    (As expected, the septics tick the 5A box too.....)
  7. Fantastic for all the women out there - and of course all the fat STABs with their lardy moobs.
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  8. Anyone see Britmil getting Osprey equivalent?
  9. Next it'll be pink rifles, you mark my words.
  10. What, by calling everybody a ****?
  11. Didn't realse that britmil girls didn't have proper fitting kit, shouldn't be surprised I suppose. civvy pol started doing female armour years ago
  12. I don't think a "civpol" vest is going to stop a .303 lobbed at you by some irate Afghani pensioner reliving the Soviet years.

    Different threat, hugely greater costs to churn out bullet resistant tank tops for every lumpy jumper who might go near a bullet at some time in her military career.
  13. Poor bloody woman looked as though she had been stunned into submission by all the waffle. Reminds me of when we were fitted with stab vests, back in 02 which was an oxymoron by definition.
  14. Well the last time she was lured into a room full of service men waiting with a video camera she got half bummed to death so it's not suprising she looks nervous.
  15. Duh, you don't say. If you put people where they can be shot at then give them the protection regardless of sex or don't put them out there, male or female

    If the MOD can spend bucket loads of cash keeping shithooks mothballed they can supply the proper kit, if they ever by some miracle get their act together

    How much did they save themselves with getting rid of troops before they were eligible for full pension Soldiers sacked days before pension date - Telegraph
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