Body Armour "Art"

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by slopey_shoulders, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. I have noticed an increasing amount of individuals who insist on adorning items on there body armour whilst deployed on Telic 13..(COB)

    These range from the complete set of cyalume sticks, ear defence, pens, maglites and watches. Oh and US rank slides are now the in thing.

    Do they believe that it makes them look "Ally"? or is it some sort of competition?

    has anyone else who is currently on Telic 13 also witnessed this strange practice?
  2. i thought the body armour was designed to be as practical as possible, sounds like it is getting well used.

    Not to sure about the yank rank slide though!
  3. i had a a necklace of gook ears
  4. I had a maglite on mine, that was about it. Being vehicle crew aswell, you didn't want much on your Osprey when that was bad enough climbing in and around vehicles.
  5. the yank rank slides are the small square ones which are becoming increasingly popular with the current sig sqn seniors!!
  6. US Rank slides the new thing? On Telic 13? I was on Telic 1, they were all the rage then.

    I don't see what the problem is myself, as long as what they wear looks presentable and professional. (Apart from trimming the floppy hats down, that looks absolutely toss.)
  7. Yeah, because the MASSIVE floppy hats look so good.
  8. Not only to do with not looking good, when you trim them down they fail to serve a purpose, ie preventing sunburn.
  9. True, what we really need are DPM sombreros.
  10. Didn't get any sunburn in my whole summer tour there. So it can't have been that badly trimmed down.
  11. Have you never heard the saying "If you can't fight, wear a big hat"

    Me, Ive got a big ten gallon fcuker! :D
  12. Blokes with loaded miniflares stuck in a loop pointing at their chins used to make me cringe, thick twats.
  13. Especially when they are on nights in the Commcen.
  14. If it's practical then so what. If however the person never goes out of the PABX room then they require a slap. A bit like face veils (helmet nets) on helmets and black rubber. :? Doesn't really do anything except create a better outline of a helmet to be shot at. It's not as of they scrim it up is it (old skool, c'mon).
  15. Do they do British Staff Sgt and WO rank on the slides?