Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by YANTOFULPELT, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. When asked by the Select Committee Adam Ingram was asked how many sets we had in the Gulf- Reply "An Audit is going on" . What another one to see who needs it and who doesn't. More pooh could hit the twirly thing?
  2. If I remember the figures quoted we've got more than one set per soldier in the stores system - but as the system is essentially crap it doesn't deliver the goods to those at the sharp end.

    What we should do is place all kit (1098, the lot) on individual issue and have a stores system that keep track of what everyone has got. Not the current bunch of crap, get the people who do the home shopping catalogues in. I bet most of those have got more customers than there are soldiers in the Army.

    So when you deploy they punch up your records and issue as necessary. And if you lose it then you pay.

    Now, how easy if that ? But of course the hierarchy will say "We don't do things like that because, erm, because we don't ! Do it as we've always done it !."
  3. OOTS. It is impossible to imagine 'the system' ever getting grown up enough to operate that way... blimey, that would require them to actually trust soldiers to take responsibility for their own safety.

    Though having said that, if body armour were on personal issue, you can guarantee a fair percentage of our brave lads would leave it at home on deployment, in the pile underneath all the other heavy shi-ite that would be otherwise limiting their DVD/Game Boy carrying capacity, and on the assumption that the Colour bloke would be able to procure them a set... :lol:
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. Take your point, but I'm operating under the assumption that the chain of command would actually check this sort of thing before leaving ... and come down heavily on those that don't take everything on the packing list. Officers and NCO's taking responsibility for soldier's welfare ? Whatever next.

    And when I look at how industry, particularly mail order and internet firms manage huge databases of personal details and generally get it right nearly all of the time I find it difficult to understand why we can't just let them get on and manage something similar for the Army. I can look up and find out exactly what (say) DVD's I've ordered over the past few years online with no fuss - how is that information different from a list of kit I've got ? Security needs managing of course but that's a solvable problem.
  6. OOTS

    I think you have made one of the soundest suggestions I have ever heard on this means.

    UNICOM is just inflexible cack and what you suggest should be investigated by grown ups asp.
  7. Just read the BBC article. Top finger pointing. Loads of we'll sort it out. Heard the same sh**te post the Falklands/Bosnia/Kosovo/Afghanistan/Saif Diarhorea and everything else in between. Pass the weak tea and pee bag Mrs Miggins!!!!!!!!!! Bah Humbug. The circle is almost complete again. The Return Of The King.
  8. One thing that the bean-counters seem to have well sorted is their supplies of umbrellas!
  9. It seems that nothing ever really changes; the inbuilt stupidity factor being most restistant to change. For example, I recall a winter in Germany; supposedly one of the coldest since WWII, when it was almost impossible to get your hands on a parka. At the same time the Q bloke was backloading dozens of slightly worn/damaged parkas for destruction on the grounds that they were 'unfit for purpose', whatever that was supposed to mean. A few minutes with needle and cotton and a swift drop to the local dry cleaners would have meant the difference between freezing your nuts off and being reasonably comfortable. All this at a time when the GSFG were sitting snugly on the IGB waiting to give us a wake up call... Thank f*ck they decided that it was too much trouble.
  10. as we now wear it on operations shouldnt we have it to train with .
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Perhaps we should also be more robust about (a) getting kit back from people when they have finished with it and (b) charging the little f*ckers when they lose it.

    The military surplus store in 'a large town not far from Bulford' currently has new pattern desert combats hanging on its second hand racks - where did that all come from other than being nicked or just not handed back? Just go onto the Classified Ads pages on this site, and see the people selling off webbing, bergans etc etc
  12. My Stn Cdr clearly agrees with Chimera. Just received SROs (same as Pt 1 Orders), which includes the intelligence that there is an 'extreme shortage' of desert kit. Apparently this is primarily due to individuals not handing kit back in when they return from deployment, so a time limit has now been set, otherwise charges will be raised.
  13. When I got back from Telic 2 I was told to keep all of my desert kit, as were the other members of my unit who deployed. I was in civvies most of the time out there, so my kit remained intact, but it isn't terribly robust and most of the guys I came back with were, if not in rags, certainly wearing very worn dessies which would hardly be worth re-issuing.