Body armour advice PLEASE

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by roger_out, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, am looking at yet another deployment to the obviuos and am looking at body armour...

    Was told Osprey sh*t bust before but now i see guys and gals on the box, in papers etc wearing a sort of bid plate carrier in brit Desert DPM.

    Does anyone have any info on this? Policy, what it is, what the plates are, where to get em?

    Thanks very much for your time.

  2. Generally you get your body armour from the man from QMs.

    Policy, AFAIK, is you wear the body armour from the mand at QMs.
  3. Maybe he's refering to the stuff Prince Harry was wearing.
  4. ah sorry mong spelling... ment bib type, not bid.

    Not seen any of the "Prince harry" stuff but i guess if others have seen him wearing it i guess thats the stuff.


  5. Have you actually used Osprey, or are you going by what you have seen on here?
  6. If you watch some of the news reports over the last couple of days you'll see him wearing Osprey and this bib type stuff your on about. Personally I'd stick with the Osprey your issued with, might be bulky and uncomfortable but you get used to it.

    And it helps with your weight loss plan, did me anyway it's that fecking heavy :D
  7. Also, and I am not suggesting for one minute this is going to happen to you, if you decide to use your own body armour, even if its issued by another Armed forces,and you get injured; it will severely affect any compensation you might get
  8. Hi drain sniffer... yeah i've used osprey but didnt like it. Couldnt get the weapon in the shoulder very well. Not a fan of the rip off blackhawk pouches either but thats by the by.

    Just looked at the pics of 2nd Lt Wales and yeah, thats the kinda thing.
  9. Forget getting anything from PAX etc if you get hit and are fortunate enough to be alive to put a claim in. I don't know the exact intricacies, but by all accounts you'll be buggered anyway when it comes down to insurance.
    Why change what works?
  10. Opsey has saved peoples fecking lives so what you monking about?

    Yeah you might not look as ally as the dick with 3 swords and an axe sticking out of his super molle webtex plate carrying blackhawk chest rig vest that doesn't fit right!

    but at least if you f*ck it up you can get it changed by mr QM. try using the stuff first before you buy something that'll make you look like an arrse.

    you can always buy it online when you out there if you think you don't look the part.
  11. Is this a wah???

    I thinkyou will find that if you are not wearing Osprey you would not be insured!!

  12. Good to see that Gordon Brown has paid out for enough body armour that everyone gets it to train with before deployment... :x
  13. Who actually makes/supplies Osprey?
  14. osprey? Never had that issued (went out about 2 months ago to replace a guy whilst he went on R&R). I just got the old style CBA.

    AND a woodland helmet cover 8O
  15. The stuff Prince Harry is wearing is (depending on what Gurkhas reckon,in the field trial) going to be issued, made by blackhawk it is a plate carrier in British DPM,will hold Osprey sapi plates but is not that well made (Lowest bidder :? certainly not up to Blackhawks usual high standards anyways).

    Obviously cuts down on protection but is about half the weight of osprey as all you are affectively wearing are the plates and it also allows for more freedom of movement, how this will affect claims via pax not sure as if on-high give the go ahead to wear the plate carrier and it becomes issue tissue PAX will have to pay out if you are wearing it, ideal situation is they give the green light for all plate carriers, you are then covered for all brands of carrier as long as issued plates are in then you can purchase a better quality vest yourself.

    Hope this helps :)