Body armour advice needed

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Exparareg, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. A mate of mines ald has just passed out as a Para (TA) he is getting ready for AFG.
    The lad himself is rearing to go (sounds like me 30 years ago) :oops:

    His dad asked me about buying his lad kit (the dad isnt short of a quid).

    I said, perhaps, that his lad could get himself his own body armour.

    If that is kosha advice from me.
    What should dad get for his lad?

    This is all after my time, but I thought I read (I think in the Telegraph) that the Osprey kit wasnt worth the rations.

    Grateful for all advice.
  2. 1. Don't believe everything you read; Osprey is pretty good if very heavy.

    2. He can buy what he likes but it'll end up as a door stop as he won't be allowed to wear it. Issue PPE only.

    3. If you want to suggest things to buy, a half-decent netbook loaded with films, music and porn and a decent cooling pad might be a good idea.
  3. Thanks mucker.

    So this journo stuff about Osprey straps breaking etc is just bollox?
  4. Nope. They do break and it does fall open at the waist too. However its army issue and as such The Army will argue its the best and the only thing to be worn.

    Besides isn't there new stuff now?
  5. Are you fishing for a quote ?
  6. There is new stuff heading out/already out in theatre, it's supposedly a good improvement, there are pics available on the PECOC thread and another one, both in this forum.
  7. Furthermore, just think about this:

    1) you're out on the FOB, wearing Osprey, and it falls apart! What to do? Well, being the issue stuff, there's plenty about and you go get a new cover. Mod edit - please don't discuss specifics

    2) you're out on the FOB, wearing your own body armour, and it falls apart! What to do? 'Hi is the Silvermans?? does your next day delivery apply to the middle of a desert with IEDs littered everywhere?... oh. do you know anywhere else I could try? cheers... (feck)'

    As pointed out, it's one of the few bits of kit that no matter how nicely you ask, you will wear the issue stuff. Helmet likewise. Ressie likewise.

    So, if you want to point his dad in the right direction, there's a good sticky 'what to buy for an Op Tour'

    check it out.
  8. I'm trying to find something out for a mate who has got a lad deploying to AFG.
    Genuine question for a genuine reason mate.
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Does sound a bit like fishing to me. In general, please don't feed info to someone you don't know. Even if there is discussion in the wider media, a quote from here can add weight to speculative, and lazy, journalism. ExPara, if you are not a journo I apologise - but no, body armour should not be bought. The new Osprey assault is reputed to be a lot more comfortable/usable than the previous and with the same excellent ballistic protection.
  10. No hassle mate.
    I told his dad i would ask people in the know.
    I've done that.
    Apologies if it was a muppet question.
    Its all after my time as I was 58 webbing/DMS?SLR etc
  11. Thanks mate-I've just been reading that Sticky. :idea: :D
  12. Just putting my two pence worth in, the new body armour is not as comftable as osprey due to the wrong plates being issued, but I suppose its like boots, some will favour one over the other.

    For me, I like osprey. And once you get some incoming-you wont give a shit what make it is.
  13. I bet you would if your body armour was made by Lidl.
  14. The problem with Osprey falling open due to tired velcro has been addressed with a new cover incorperating fastex clips (IIRC). Another change is the nonslip pad on the right shoulder.

    This is in addition to the Osprey Assault that is kicking about.

    When I was in Sangin I also heard the guys complaining that the new Osprey Assault (liner) took a bit of time to "break in" or soften up. The new plates were not yet availible so they were still using the old ones (bulkier and heavier).

    There was a mix of lids being worn as so far only M and L are availible in the Mk 7.

    There will have to be strong stomached RSMs in theatre next year when the new DPM comes in as well! Mixed helmets, body armour, clothing, colours etc.

    You might be able to get away with wearing the silvermans special in the confusion but is it really worth the risk?
  15. Fuck me. Some people are never happy. There are soldiers who would whinge if they won the jackpot on euromillions.