Bodes ill for the brazilian affair

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ugly, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  2. I always believe what they tell me in the media :roll: Next you'll be saying that it's the Police's fault that the call made to them was of an Irishman drinking in a pub with a sawn off shot gun. Like you, when you pull the trigger, you're only acting on the information before you at the time. It looks like, bambi, I'm sure it's bambi .............. oh dear, it's someone in a deer suit. I'm sure if you were there at the time Ugly, you'd have made a different call :roll: Now where's that glass of hindsight as I need another shot of it.
  3. FFS, you bloody tree hugging lawyers, leave the poor guys alone!
  4. Is this the same dead bloke that was known very well to the Police and in the past had been done for carrying firearms and having a 'bit of a temper'?

    At last, the CPS get it right.
  5. If my son or daughter was a known crim with tendancies towards carry guns and taunted said armed officers at the time with a table leg then I truly would be on the side of the coppers. Whats up, chick, get a shooing down the Crum Rd?
  6. What would I say? Hmmm, let me think...

    Ahh yes:
    "Darwinisum in motion!"
  7. I know that I'm paranoid and a tad jaundiced, but why is it that I get a strong feeling that "chicksands" is trying to provoke the killer quote that shows what a bunch of uncaring, grinders of the faces of the oppressed types that certain sections of the media want us all to be? I refer discerning readers to his/her previous contributions. Paranoid, moi? I'm going to sit in the cupboard under the stairs now.....
  8. They seem to be disapeared.
  9. 'Turns on determination not to bite and attempt to sensibly educate Chicksands who is clearly inexperienced in making decisions whilst own life is in danger'.

    First of all the policemen who opened fire were doing so in the course of their duty protecting us from all the nasty people who live in this country. Refering to them as SOBs before any due course of law has taken place is a touch hasty.

    The decision taken is one that recognises that on the balance of probability based on the briefings they had, the character's previous backround and the circumstances surrounding the shooting that a conviction is unlikely. There are plenty of other well documented and similar cases some occured in NI - and whilst they are tragic for the victim are probably almost as tragic for the person shooting who has to live with the consequences for the rest of his/her life (oh yes you seem to assume that police/army have no conscience).

    Determination not to bite turned down:

    Time for you to get a life (and that isn't supposed to be funny).
  10. Did the investigation discover why the hell he had a table leg anyway, not normal outdoor apparel I might add...
  11. Yes.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    ok been there done that scenario, yes I have been put on the spot andmade the right call, OP compromised by an armed man, well 2 actually. ! a Peeler and tother his mate, out for a few bunnies, I'm sure (I hope so anyway) that he was at least as scaared as I was, namely having the drop on him!
    Now cast back a few years and a mucker of mine does time for cleaning the streets to quote another peeler.
    Should not the officer who authorised deployment of armed response with weapons drawn be helsd responsible?
    I know I for one would like to see him/her moved to traffic or perhaps a racial integration committee. Since when has being Irish been a capital offence in London?
    Blair and I mean both the mongs need to answer for this!
    Similar to the scouse shot in bed in hastings, naked and unarmed. Investigation admitted that a firearms unit should not have been deployed. Too many plod with too little experience wandering around prwetending that they are not civvies but some special above the law force. They are Public servants and civilians at that!
    So what was it, murder or justifiable homicide?
    I could compare us to a south american dictatorship with state sanctioned death squads but that normaly needs a military coup, lets face it, incompetent they are, they are probably better equipped than any troops that could be mustered at home!
    I'm sorry if my opinions offend anybody but the moment we raise the law enforcement above the law and the community that they serve, then they not only cease to deserve my respect or cooperation (apart from kids football trev!) and become the dark force of paramilitary, parajudicial executioners that we have resisted and fought in so many other countries. I am the last person that wants to see my mates in the plod living like the RUC had to!
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just to lighten thingss up, if 2 Para complain that Santa didnt arrive, they can blame the MET!

  14. Best you re read your question and my answer. It appears you are not getting it some how. What point are you trying to make, chicksands?

    If you've made some poor decisions in the past, this is probably not the place to try and resolve them. And Im on about you, chicksands, not the coppers.
  15. Shouldn't you be writing in different colours