Bob's best party ever.

For those who haven't heard it....

Two guys sharing a car to work on Monday morning, were comparing their Sat night jaunts. Ron had just had the normal good old piss up with the lads, but Bob had ended up at the best party ever. His mate had taken him and the party was fantastic with great looking women and loads of all sorts of food and drink. Bob had finished up seriously shit faced and couldn't even remember getting home, but he distinctly remembered that the massive house had a cloakroom with a golden toilet.

"Golden Toilet? load of bollocks you pisshead, don't be such a prat" said Ron. Bob insisted that it was true and said he'd prove it by stopping off at the house on the way home.

After they knocked off work, Bob drove a little bit out of the way and eventually stopped outside a huge imposing looking house. "Here we are, now you'll see" he smirked at Ron. They walked to the door and Bob pushed the bell twice. After a short time a very attractive, expensively dressed woman opened the door. "Yes? can I help?"

Bob explained to her "I was at your fabulous party on Saturday and told my friend here, Ron, all about it and about your amazing golden toilet. He doesn't believe me, so I was hoping that you might just let him have a quick look at it."

The good looking woman stared at Bob for a short while and then grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in. Grinning, Bob looked back and beckoned for Ron to follow.
The woman slammed the door behind them and still holding on to Bob, shouted up the stairs "Charlie, quick, come down." "I've found the dirty bastard who had a shit in your Tuba on Saturday night."

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