Bobo the Clowns' latest

Anyone else see the BBC news of that visit tonight? My, Mr. President, you sure have your troops convinced they need to be fighting kebabside don't you?

From the looks on most of those faces, they think you're a bigger clown than I do.

"Gimme some of that beef there"..... what a tool..

But his table manners, are a mere shadow of his other quotes..

"Our troops will be acting in the finest traditions of America"

No they won't, you greedy self-interested Muppett.

"You won't be fighting to conquer anybody" lolololololol

Quick military lesson here, if you're not fighting to conquer and control, then you're fighting to extract..

Maybe he'll be like that President Blokie on independence day, and fly into battle at the head of his forces?

Well, I guess he will, if Saddam ever invades Texas. :mad:


Remember, the Spams are very simple creatures, easily confused. They probably weren't too sure who the goon in the green bomber jacket actually was.... :-/

Lets do something with this thread, who do we wish was actually US President? I say Rudolph Giuliani, after what I saw of him during and after 11 Sep 01 he's got what it takes (plus he knows how to deal with a crime wave).

Your suggestions please!
Sir David Attenborough for the job. He's awesome. He was on TV the other night and is a top bloke. Not sure he'd want the job though!

Realistically, I think the whole presidential campaign thing is flawed. They have to stump up 15,000,000 dollars to have a crack at the title and it invariably ends up as a pro celebrity mudslinging competition.

Lord Clint of Eastwood is probably as good as anyone! :)
Gen Colin Powell because he has his head screwed on the right way and can appreciate the big picture better than any of the other muppets, he understands diplomacy and the need for the deterrent factor and appropriate response, he isn't afraid to speak his mind when it goes against the Prez or Dr Strangelove (sorry Dr Condi Rice), his dignity is absolute, he is a decent man and I would follow him.

The only reason he didn't stand for nomination was because his wife was scared that being the first black President (and he would have, and probably still would, walk away with the job) he would be a walking target for every black hate group and neo-nazi "when the end comes" maniac with a gun.

As for Clint, I go to Carmel and Monterey quite a lot and the city is absolutely lovely, but it is hardly a challenge!

Rudi G has had a personal life a bit too colourful to stand any chance of running without his character being ripped to shreds despite his obvious leadership ability.
Good call Woopert....

Mind you, his parents are Jamaican, so, in theory , entitled to a British passport. As their descendant, Colin is entitled to a British Passport too....

Bear with me......  ;D

So.... if Colin is entitled to a British passport, and British citizenship, then he would also be legally able to enter British politics....

Never mind the Spammies

Colin Powell for Prime Minister

Come on Eagle, you know you can't resist the graphic  ;D
Must really hurt the world leaders having to pander to such a total dyslexic horse's ass and an obese, self-satisfied and xenophobic american population...  Well obviously apart from Tony of course....

Good call on Powell PTP.  That'll be why he appears to know what he's doing...  A lighthouse on a well-armed heap of poo..
Just been in London with Mr Powell today funnily enough.  When I questioned him, he didn't seem too enthralled at the prospect of becoming PM.....



Great photo Eagle, I see Tony's Staff Car in the back ground....nice touch!!

Top Graphic Eagle M8...

Now, about the Daily Mirror and plagarism...  ;D
That graphic on the Daily Mirror has been doing the rounds on the net for a long, long time now.

I should imagine the original creator is quite chuffed.....

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