Bobbys on the Beat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IrishDoris, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Whilst driving home from Belfast last night, I had almost reached home when I was taken aback by a sight I had not seen in quite some time, if at all.

    I pulled into the housing area that i live in and what did I see?? Two police officers on foot patrol.!!!!!!!!! 8O

    I must admit that the sight of these two caused an intake of breath and the words "Feckin' hell !" managed to slip out.

    From their location on the street, there were no cars about, no muggings etc and they were plodding along like extras in the Bill. This caused me to ponder and think back and i thought i would ask others what they recall.

    When is the last time you saw a "Bobby on the beat" anywhere else besides the town centre on a Friday/Saturday night whilst they are sweeping the rest of the drunken Chavs into their fun bus or to coin a pharase , taxi home.

    Cheers :wink:
  2. PSNI are regularly to be seen on foot patrol on the Lisburn Road. They are also out and about on foot in Crumlin, following a spate of burglaries - since the police started walking around these have stopped.
  3. In my local (Leicestershire area) boozer @ early doors last autumn. TWO, fully uniformed (helmets - the lot) walked past. So amazed where we that we all went to the window to watch. They'd gone past before we could cheer!!!
  4. erm...good point ID!

    and the answer was probably about 25 yrs ago when growing up in a sleepy market town...the days when you were scared of the police and the police looked scary!

    5'3" speccy retards were rejected in those days...i beleive they even had a height restriction and you had to be hard to be a copper then!

    do they still have bikes?
  5. Where I live, on the leafy fringes of the Metropolis, we have two charming Police Community Support Officers who you see meandering along now and then. They are unflaggingly, almost Stepford-level polite ("Hello sir! How are you?") and very young. When they are good they are allowed to drive a small police car about, which seems to please them greatly.

    I quite like them, although I wonder why in a borough with one of the lowest crime rates in SE England they need to wear utility belts covered in kit, including six-cell maglites. I might ask them one day. I suspect that one day they will make very good coppers and they are learning the basics doing what they do.

    I never see uniform Pcs anymore, well not on foot. This is the future.

    As for the PSNI, well I'm genuinely glad that the policing environment over seems to be such that they can go out on foot patrols in the manner ID describes.

  6. Have them wondering round here every now and again.

    I think the only time I actually did take a intake of breath was when I was in a nationalist area and seeing them on foot patrol, now that was a sight to behold. They would only normally fly in and out in their thick skinned vehicles.

    I went from window to window in the house saying fecking hell and spent the day quite stunned.....phoned a friend to report the sighting! :lol:
  7. Its more fun when you have a 4'10'" female cop pull her asp on you, after you break up a fight and then threaten to hit you with it, not sure to laught or cry, ended up pointing out all those lovely CCTV cameras and how it would look in court "police brutality"

    oh fun and games
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I've seen them on the Finaghy Road/Upper Molone Road on pushbikes quite a bit,Wearing Dayglo stab vests,not flak vests.
  9. i hope she'd just come from her bangledeshi single mother's support meeting....

    i remember one old salt complaining when they lowered the height restrictions from 6'2" to 5'10"
  10. Good job they didn't hear you :wink:
    fined for swearing
  11. I regularly see a couple of standard issues bobbies wandering around this neighbourhood, cctv wagons and the community support officers, surprisingly this is a pretty dire area full of dealers, ladies of the night and chavs - police actually doing something about a problem. Saying that there is still a major crime problem and response times can leave a bit to be desired but then I guess there's a lot of customers for them to deal with.
  12. Indeed they do, although i have not seem them over here. I am reliably informed we have them too in Norn Iron tho.

    Whilst living in England, i was bimbling through town one day on a sunny saturday afternoon. the particular street i was walking down had a cycle path on the road. It was then I witnessed a bobby on a bike who was lecturing a local Chav for riding his bike on the footpath. The stupid local had wizzed on past the copper who followed him in hot persuit, legs spinning at a surprisingly fast rate.

    How i chortled :wink:
  13. I've lived on the same road for 12 years and I haven't seen one plod on foot patrol, I've seen council rangers, Community liaison wardens, and Dog Poo wardens (PCSO) But no dibble. I see Vans and Cars blue lighting past ours, But no peelers on foot. I've seen them across the road at the Shell petrol station, Filling up, Aye Filling up on Pies and twixes.

    Edit mong mumpty