Bobby Sands

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Apparently it's been 25 years since Sands died due to a hungry strike in Northern Ireland. This morning on the Today programme the BBC had people on saying what a terrrible tragedy it was that he is no more.

    I am trying to be calm, but as a convicted terrorist he is one piece of crap on society that we are off without.

    They were striking over their right to be political prisoners and therefore their right to special treatment.

    I am sure he is enjoying the eternal fires of hell.

    And breath...
  2. Personally I would like to thank Mr Sands and his late freinds for my Ford Capri,holiday in Spain and my first video recorder that year :twisted:
  3. We should consider ourselves lucky that, in this current political climate, that they chose to have the statue of the armless mother at Trafalgar Square, otherwise it may have been Belfast Weightwatcher of the Year, 1981.
  4. Anyone remember the words to "Can ye do a chicken supper Bobby Sands"?
  5. Overtime can be a wonderful thing if you have access to it.
  6. These were rights they did not have, and did not get, because they were simply terrorists and criminals, and no more. Gerry Adams' drivel about Sands and the rest of the NI Slimming Team 'sacrificing themselves for the cause' is bollix. They committed suicide rather than seek a democratic route to their aims.
  7. I have an MP3 of it, if anyone wants it...
  8. He was never really a heavyweight in politics.

    Especially near the end.
  9. Not everyone thinks like that seeThis :evil:
  10. Regarding Celtic Football Club.

    The Club was founded in 1888 by a Marist Priest by the name of Brother Walfrid.

    The rest was bollox and he's still dead.
  11. Or just to put emphasis on the bollox

    Celtic Football Club was founded in 1888. Its principal founder was a Marist Brother named Walfrid. The Club had two principal aims:

    The first was to raise funds to provide food for the poor of the East End of Glasgow, an area of the city that was greatly impoverished and had a very high rate of infant mortality.

    Within the East End was a large Irish community and friction was growing between native Glaswegians and the new influx of Irish. Brother Walfrid saw the need for social integration and his vision was a football club that Scottish and Irish, Protestants and Catholics alike could support. A new football club would be a vehicle to bring the communities together and this was the second aim.

    The Marist brother sought for the club to have both a Scottish and Irish identity and hence the club's name, Celtic, representing a bridge of cultures across the Irish sea.
  12. "Would you like to try a wee cool tin o' Coke, Bobby Sands?"
    "Would you like to try a wee tin o' Coke?"
    "Well you're not fcuking gettin one - I hope you choke!
    There's a bed made in Milltown, just for you."

    Twenty five years and still rotting in Hell.
  13. His phone number was 80808040 (ate nothing, for nothing).
  14. Just tried it, he's not in at the moment.
  15. Link

    Bollox from across the pond