Bobby Sands ... The Movie

There's a hotline you can call about the film:

080 80 80 80 80

Someone must be old enough to remember that one ! :)


I was surprised a skinny fecker could produce enough shoite to plaster his cell with!
It was only a matter of time!

day 1 - had a dump painted it on wall

day 2 - smaller dump, had a power shower and a smaller poo to add to wall!

day 3 - same as yesterday

day 20 - begining to feel hungry again and seeing everything in double

day 25 - I could murder a burger



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If the producers of this film had any sense of humour at all, they'd have cast Robbie Coltrane as Sands.
Quote: McQueen, a London-born artist who is making his film debut, compared the Maze to Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

"The parallels have become apparent. History repeats itself, lots of people have short memories, and we need to remember that these kinds of things have happened in Britain."

Short memories indeed.......

We spent decades under terrorism and it is still happening, only it's not top news anymore!

It is for those of us who lived through it and those who still do!

How dare this arty type say that we forget.....

Sorry, rant over now...
I think I'll watch this if its on in the cinema with an enourmous size bowl of popcorn, large full fat coke, tub of icecream, big bag of malteasers and several jumbo hotdogs.
Please tell me someone is having a laugh here.......Sands was the world's most incompetent terrorist, caught on his first job. Will this be included in the "film"?
The first, last & only time I saw that cnut was when I witnessed what was left of his body lying on a mortuary slab in Forster Green Hospital, Belfast. I was convinced then that the worst possible thing we could have done would have been to cave in to the demands of the hunger strikers & their puppet masters PSF, & remain convinced of that now.
To make capital & publicity out of a film such as this is the lowest of the low, & for the filmmaker to say that it "portrays Sands in a sympathetic light" is just cant & hypocrisy. How can you portray someone in a sympathetic light whose greatest act of defiance was to smear turds on the walls of his cell? What utter garbage. I hope the filmmaker feels good about himself for churning out this propaganda epic; will he be giving a portion of his fee to Gerry & Martin?
I feel better now. Yours, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.
Thing is, if the skinny cnut was around today, he would get a grant to subsidise his anorexic tendencies and another grant from the lottery for his "natural artwork".

Why do the "arty" types think these people were fighting for freedom and human rights? did they skip the bit about bombings and executions of civilians, let alone the murder of british soldiers and their families?

So, sorry, we havent forgotten anything, we just know the history and the reality.

Quite suprised the americans didnt make this film, after all, they change the facts to suit a good story, (Re: any WWII film, the enigma machine etc etc)
Slimmer of the Year 1981, should be about as accurate as all the other apologist sh!te.
Perhaps McQueen will spare a thought for Eric and Desmond Guiney, the father and son who died after their milk float was stoned on the morning of Sand's death.
Apparently "Michael Fassbender, 31, starved himself for two months to play the IRA hunger-striker Bobby Sands in Hunger" (The Times, today).

Now, my maths isn't all that good, but...
That wa*nker had more horror bags left on his grave in Milltown cemetry than the AES dogs ever scoffed.

Iwonder if that brings back a 'Stumpy' memory for Auld-Sapper - if it does could you regale us with it
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