"Bobby Sands" still hassles the Brits

As the article says - "there are more important things to do"...


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The Iranians can name as many streets as they like after dead terrorists. What's the problem?

After all, we've just put a statue up to a living one in Parliament Square.
Opening a snack bar on Bobby Sands Street - classic! Does it do a good chicken supper?
I didn't know George michael was in the Revolutionary Guards !

Once heard a story about a certain C/S who used to place an egg banjo on Bobby's grave every time they where in the area!
Hitler's Kosher Caterers - Weddings and Barmitzvahs a speciality?
Aloysius said:
I've always wondered at curry houses called "The Gandhi" - didn't he spend a lot of time on hunger strike?
not hunger strike, severe and untreatable 'ring of fire' brought on by too many vindaloos. He was actually on a celery only diet and it is a documented fact* that he always carried a couple of sticks in his loincloth.

* I wrote it down once.
smartascarrots said:
Opening a snack bar on Bobby Sands Street - classic! Does it do a good chicken supper?
The Bobby Sands McMeal- chicken and a wee can of cokee.
"He was a terrorist. And if the Iranians want to appear serious about fighting terrorism, one place to start is changing the name of that street."
The call comes from a member of Her Majesty's Foreign Office, and the offending road is Bobby Sands Street, a classic example of the wit and wisdom of revolutionary Iran, situated as it is next to the British embassy in Tehran.
Sinn Fein were seriously proposing to rename Merrion Road in Dublin, where the British embassy is located, to Bobby Sands Road. I see where the got the idea now. Came to nothing though because in the end nobody voted for them. (Renaming our streets after convicted terrorists not a vote-getter 8) )
I was in Girdwood at the time If that gormless bugger had lasted .another 12 hrs I would have won the sweep.
bobby sands convicted of having a handgun in a car and starving himself to death in a peaceful and non violent manner is hardly considered terrorism is it now folks.
Salman Rushdie street anyone?
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