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Bobby George trying to use big words....

During the coverage of the BDO World Darts today on BBC2, Love-able rogue Bobby George was trying to describe the throwing action of a certain player. Bobby Innocently trying to use big words like 'Sporadic' to show that the player was inconsistent turned to Ray Stubbs and said 'Yeah, the way he throws is a bit spasmotic'

Poor Ray had to smile and agree and hope that nobody noticed, even I had to ask the Missus if I had heard right the first time...Good old Bobby!

Any other innocent 'Mong' usage out there?
rickshaw-major said:

Dubya - the man who has them, can (and might) use them but can't spell them FFS.
Tut Tut Sir

I believe it's Nukular. Targetted on EyeRak (maybe), populated by Ayrabs. Still what do you expect from someone who confused the terms 'military service' with 'poncing around in a flight suit on rare visits to ANG base while daddy made damn sure I went nowhere near the flak' Allegedly.
He will have fun speaking with fellow word blinder George Brown, who when getting one up on wee Tony the other day talking about Saddam's hanging, kept referring to 'Soon Eye' Muslims being upset.

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