Bob welcomes helicopters return

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockpile, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. According to the Yahoo news, Bob Ainswaorth is to be in attendance when the last two Merlin helicopters' return from Iraq.

    I believe that fellow contributers to this mighty news medium will join me in congratulating the Minister on getting his sense of priorities moving in the right direction.
  2. Great sense of irony you have. I am sure Bob's attendance will do a great deal to refit and redeploy these helos. Is he any good with a spanner?

    I would prefer that he had the respect and balls to turn up at a ramp ceremony and honour the dead. That's if the families could stomach it.
  3. I doubt it, as the glorious first leader who kicked the wars off, and his replacement henchman President Brown, can’t be bothered to turn up either at the runway or a token gesture at Wotton Bassett.

    Then again I noticed the lack of leadership at Harry Patch’s funeral, no real surprise, it has been shown they are more concerned about Subo and fake celebrity, than any responsibility for their actions.
  4. "Then again I noticed the lack of leadership at Harry Patch’s funeral"

    No no no - there was leadership there - our very own glorious Harriet Harperson attended, or so I am told. After all comrades, nothing says "We respect the passing of a great generation" more than watching a gender challenged moron represent our once great nation at his funeral.
  5. Good Old Bob, couldn't give a monkeys about the Men returning under the Union Flag, but will be their as the Government Rep for an inanimate object.
  6. And being an ex union man, he will soon have the workers out on strike quicker than you can say erm.... strike
  7. Simon Falla is an Idiot who recently said that Hellmand is about the size of Wales LOL,LOL
  8. You know the man? I've met him a few times and always came across as pretty astute and with a very solid understanding of rotary capability. Looked after his people too.
  9. I cannot begin to believe that the senior RAF 'helo' man in Afghanistan is an 'idiot' - indeed I'll bet he is not.

    That said, and nothing whatsoever to do with the Air Commodore, most 'one star' officers eye a second star. Most 'two star' officers eye the third and fourth stars together with the associated 'K'.