Bob the Tache Makes a Major Speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by meridian, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Worth reproducing in full (or maybe not)

    full text here
  2. "put the interests of the country first" - so resign, you utterly pointless clown.

    Hurrumph :pissedoff:
  3. Mr Ainsworth said "The cat sat on the mat. See the cat. John saw the cat. The cat is on the mat. The cat is black. The black cat is on the mat."

    Shortly afterwards he had to go for a long lie-down.
  4. He don't half speak some shyte, this man.
  5. I forgot:

    1. We will pretend to listen but have already decided where the budget cuts will fall (in case you were wondering, this is everywhere except BAE who do really nice lunches.)

    2. We will pay attention to the editorial columns, not, of course, the defence correspondents, of the Daily Mail and the Sun. If either manages to ignite some public anguish about some spurious corner of defence we will loudly pretend to listen and may even chair a committee. See point 1.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Not sure the workers for BAE will agree with your statement after todays news.

    Uummm consultation.

    I remember Herr Brown saying that the public would be consulted over MP’s pay and allowances just 6 months ago aannnndddd nothing.

    If anyone thinks these wasters are coming near the great populace with defence consultation then the pigs will fly.
  7. Mr Ainsworth highlighted the fact that 9,000 personnel are currently deployed in a hard fight in Afghanistan and pressures on the defence budget are significant, therefore preparation for the future must be in the context of ensuring success in the present.

    Or without the flowery bullshine - Mr Ainsworth meant to say "We've managed to mortgage the future for your children therefore we do not intend to plan for the future any further as its much too difficult and complicated so we expect to publish lots of platitudes and MoD press releases to take your mind off what may happen in the future".
  8. Didn't say that BAE workers would be fine, just that BAE would keep being allowed to hideously overcharge us for minor alterations to otherwise Yank kit. And really, really hideously overcharge us for non-Yank kit.

    And being a cynical b@stard, I would think that this is just pre-positioning themselves. Note that the MP is a Sven not an Ashie (knifing somebody else in the back in full view of your ultimate target?)

    Hmm. They may pretend to be doing something: "Which would you rather spend money on - buying bullets to kill innocent children or state-of-the-art equipment for a local children's hospital?"

    And if they don't get the right answer, ignore or retread. As per the Irish referendum.
  9. Who wrote the stuff above? 'ashie'? 'parapuke'? 'Whet'? A Daily Mirror hack? Osama bin Laden? 'Amy Winehouse?

    Exemplifies how Labour view the Armed Forces and more importantly the men and women in said Forces - inconsequential and tools of the Tory elite.

    I can assure posters that my lovely bull-terrier bitch Kate would be a more effective 'political leader' of the Armed Forces - and she has been dead for thirty seven years!
  10. I know it's fashionable to blame BAE, but...

    The Typhoon appears to cost less than its competitors, and the price drops with every Tranche of aircraft. Everyone seems rather happy with it, and it appears to do what it says on the tin. No-one who knows much about the subject is disputing price or performance, because they've now been demonstrated; so the criticism is "we don't need so many". Really? Wow, nine squadrons of swing-role fighters for the whole RAF, that's obviously way OTT.

    A lot of the US kit is vastly overrated (they do have very very good marketing types in those US defense companies). Why does everyone believe that "their" kit is excellent and competitively priced when they can't even make a decent car or machine-gun?

    For instance - the F-15 is a draggy pig that under certain profiles can't keep up with its refuelling tanker aircraft (well, not without afterburners), quite apart from the whole F-15C fleet going off the road due to fatigue cracks; the AH-64 had a pitiful DASS that meant they were afraid to use it in Kosovo, and engines that mean that they have to take off the Longbow radar to fly it in Afghanistan (both of which are fixed by WAH-64); you can't even fit a rifle section in the M2/M3; the M1A1 has massive fuel consumption, and no on-board generator set (it took them ten years to put a decent gun in it, and another ten to add the genny); the M16 stops working when it gets dusty.

    If we "buy it off the shelf", that generally means American kit (we should be cheeky and buy Russian one of these days) which means we get screwed on the maintenance contract, and barred from doing any modifications to it. If we make our own, it's automatically a total waste of cash regardless of how much better it is than the competition.

    One big problem is that defence contracts are often handed out to the firm which promises to build a factory in the marginal constituency of choice; e.g. Racal got screwed over BOWMAN because GD promised to build in Wales, and AEA promised battery jobs in Caithness.
  11. Pardon??

    ".......In my view, the defence of the nation should always come before party politics......"
  12. Ainsworth, another inept corrupt Labour pig, bumps his gums but actually says nothing. W*nker.
  13. Why can't I express views like 'RangeStew'? Good man and spot on the button as always.
  14. What he said.
    <whisper> The Typhoon is actually pretty good <whisper>

    I understand that the US is baulking at the costs of the F-22 and talking about binning the whole thing.

  15. Dear god...