Bob Taylor = KOYLI, 2LI

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by FOBinBlue, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Bob "Spud" Taylor, 64, originally of Haworth, S Yorks.

    Originally KOYLI then 2LI - served Aden, Malaya, Op Banner, Germany. 1965-1987.

    What little I know of Dad's career as a Sjt - he was Signals Plt and latterly families office.

    Survived heart attack in 2002 and lived by the KOYLI motto "Cede Nullis"......Had an extra 8 years thanks to a heart transplant.

    Was ordered to fall in this morning at 0500 by St. Peter the RSM.
  2. Rest easy soldier.
    Duty done.

    Condolences from all at NIVA.