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Bob Stewart just gave the tossers in the House of Commons a brilliant lesson on Kipling,Quoting "Tommy" it would seem that the "Future of the Armed Forces" debate is not going to go the governments way
Technically he is one of them now. But fair point.

Sod all good it'll do, tho.
'The treasury cannot be allowed to define £500,000,000 in defence in the exact equivalent terms as £500,000,000 spent on quangos and bureaucracy. The saving in defence of £500,000,000 will cost far more strategically to this country than £500,000,000 on quangos and bureaucracy.'

Sensible words, so sure to fall on deaf ears.
Bob Stewart is a self-publicising pie-eating cock. End of.
You forget Adulterous, 'cos everyone in Vitez on Grapple 1 knew he was hosing the interpreter!!
I count about 15 of them in the house. So, a debate on the future of the armed forces attracts 15 of them.
Where do you get the names of MP's at the debate, would like to see if mine was there and if not it'll be time to grip him.

Bonking Bob never lets an opportunity for self righteous indignation go amiss.
Sadly, he almost always kills the message he espouses.


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I'll add a link to Hansard tomorrow - won't be out until then. If you want to see quality Commons debates, look up the recent Afghanistan one. For one in which MPs try to defend the Defence Industry - where it's in their area - check out yesterday's Adjournment Debate. Links to follow when I get time :)
So is their a way of seeing attendance of those who didn't speak but still bothered to turn up.
So is their a way of seeing attendance of those who didn't speak but still bothered to turn up.
Apart from watching the video and noting the names of those you recognise as being present for a particular question, the answer is no.

You raise an interesting point. MPs have busy working days, believe it or not, so the lack of a record is arguably a disincentive to turning up unless the member feels they have a reasonable chance of catching the Speaker's eye. There are monitors throughout the parliamentary estate which list the current item of business in both Houses. MPs can also keep an eye on current debates which they are interested in, without being physically present in the chamber, by watching the live coverage on Parliament TV or BBC Parliament.

Unlike the parliamentary record ('Hansard'), the minutes of meetings of most other public bodies do record the names of members present, but usually not item by item, and the House of Commons has a far larger number of members to keep track of as they enter and leave the Chamber.

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