Bob Mugabe - saviour of the world

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Here he is, signing autographs on entry to the Copenhagen carbon-barbecue.


    This is a man guilty of the most appalling, evil, miserable genocide. He will spend the night in a 5* Copenhagen hotel, waited upon by attentive and willing European hosts.

    Who is going to arrest him? Please? He needs a rope, not a warm bed.
  2. ...and he isn't the only one.
  3. This tagnut of humanity ruined the second greatest country in the world, I do beleive he was DS on Gordon Brown's Leadership Course....

    The "Great Betrayal" followed by THIS? It was foretold by a man Greater than he and the proof is in the pudding...
  4. This odious man should be in irons in the Hague not carousing in Copenhagen,
    he cares nothing about global warming let alone his people.
    Just another chance to go shopping and thumb his nose at the rest of the world.
    This walking floppie should have been slotted years ago.
    Sadly the Scouts tried three times in 1980. :roll:
    But warnings to the Brits from Walls, Smithy & P. K. van der Byl [formerly QOH],
    have all sadly proven to be correct.
  5. Why would anyone want this criminal's autograph? :? Why would he come to Copenhagen? :? It's not like Rhodesia is contributing to the CO2/global warming problem as there's little manufacturing going on down there now since he was made President-For-Life and ruined the economy. :omg:
  6. I like Bob. He's a stalwart kinda guy. My uncle was called Bob as well.
  7. At least uncle Bob is consistent. Bit isnt it odd that people like him so rarely have consideration for others by dropping dead at an early age?
  8. Thats just it, he went to show the world how global warming can be stopped in just a few short years....just follow the Zimbabwean (its not Rhodesia any more dear fellow) model.

    That blonde obviously wants a bit more then an autograph...she wants some BBC....which is all just a myth anyway.
  9. Mugabe = E ba gum!

    (with thanks to R Stilgoe)
  10. All those "world leaders" in one place - and not ONE suicide bomber?! 8O

    VERY poor drills, Osama. :evil: :roll:
  11. Perhaps Peter Tatchell will have another go at making a citizen's arrest?
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Mugabe is alright in my books.

    He brought to an end a period of colonial economic rape that kept the people of Africa in slavery for too long. He put the white colonial oppressah back in his box.

    [wanders off singing 'The Red Flag']
  13. Because in a few years time after he has died it might be worth a shilling or two.
  14. Perhaps he has just been hood-winked into being served a warrant
  15. Now, now, Biped, stop being naughty - you're doing your usual trick of fishing for Wahs!