Bob Geldof to return his Freedom of the City of Dublin award in protest against Burmese leader Aung

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Hasn't he always looked like that?
    He must have a portrait in his attic that get's more handsome every day.
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  2. Bob, just give your local needle exchange "soom 'o yah FOOKIN' MOON-eeh"
    And then, fall into a tar pit.
  3. I have a phone here just in case anyone wants to txt someone who gives a fcuk?
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  4. The only news I want to hear of Bob Geldof is that he's been beaten to death with a collection of his LPs, hopefully by a foreign criminal that he had vigorously campaigned to be allowed refugee status.
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  5. I missed a few, like the earner he had with "Teachers TV", where UKGov money was thrown at the business, thankfully that funding was chopped after 5 years in 2010 (another one of Gordon and Tony's masterful and efficient use of public money).
  6. He's a twat.

    Do you think I should take my fridge magnet down though?

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  7. Buy a job lot from China and get them delivered to his "not a council house" in Battersea
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  8. Bob who? Sounds like a bit of a Boomtown Rat to me
  9. I doubt if two LPs would be enough to do him any harm:mad:
  10. Yes.
    The Bayeux is so old hat...
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  11. Just heard that the Big Cheese in Dublin has commented that he is surprised that Bob hasn't returned his Knighthood to the Queen because of the nasty Imperialistic past of the UK - interesting question, so why havn't you Bob?
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  12. Perhaps we should DEMAND that he hands it back and then disappears back to Ethiopia or even South Sudan where he appears to be happy to survive on less than a starvation ration.
  13. Sir Bob is a tw*t, alleged of course. Aung San Suu Ski, Burmese State Cousellor, or equivalent as Prime Minister has her hands tied. She cannot be all things to all people, especially over the issue of Burmese Muslims being persecuted and driven out.

    The Burmese (Myanmar) Generals and military are still there, and have not 'Gone Away'. If Aung San Suu Kyi is seen to becoming too independant, the Burmese military could easily take over again. In any case, the actions against the Burmese Muslims, the Rhohingya Muslims is generally popular, and they are not liked by the predominate Bhuddist population of Burma. There has been suggestions of Islamic extremists amongst the Rhohingya populations, therefore the actions against them is probably popular amongst the Bhuddist Burmese population.
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  14. think its because he's "outraged" that she was given the same award, so he is returning his
  15. Yes and Dubai is an overpriced arab shoite hole.
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