Bob Geldof to return his Freedom of the City of Dublin award in protest against Burmese leader Aung

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Life insurance
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  2. How about hand back his birth certificate?
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  3. He couldn't help himself. Now doing a 5 stretch in the Rangoon Hilton

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  4. NSP

    NSP LE

    He's awfully precious, isn't he...?

    Or merely awful.

    Diddums, either way.
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  5. You’ll go to hell for that, but it made me laugh out loud! The missus asked me what I found funny, but there is no point trying to explain it, as she is wired differently and would just call me an insensitive sod! :smile:
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  6. That'll tell em Bob.
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  7. Last I heard of him was when he was found guilty of groping some woman
  8. Another self righteous leftie luvvie twat whose interference in politics as about as welcome as genital warts.

    I wonder if he will be returning all the refugees he is housing along with returning the freedom of the city of Dublin award to someone who anyone in the know, knows is completely corrupt.

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  9. Why didn't Geldork hand his award back when the Muslims were carrying out terror attacks against local Buddhists and Burmese border posts?

    If you keep poking Buddhists with your Jihad stick, then don't be surprised when they strike back.

    Rohingya insurgency in Western Myanmar - Wikipedia
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  10. Why does'nt someone raise an internet thingy where we all sign it and he gets kicked out of the UK back to Eire. I am sure he would love the injustice of democracy at work. He prob wont like this post as its a Monday and he doesnt like Mondays by all accounts
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  11. Told people on low incomes they should pay more tax - so it can be used for aid - whilst avoiding increasing hs own contributions
    Told people on low incomes they should Give more aid whilst avoiding increasing his own contributions

    Hurled abuse at Pro Brexit fishermen concerned about their livelihoods

    In short been a typical sanctimonious **** celebrity
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  12. Absolutely, always two sides to a story and there's usually Muslim aggression at the beginning.
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  13. Want a list?

    He would get 100k for "speaking" (preaching) engagements".

    He set up the TV company that gave us Chris Evans and The Big Breakfast, something he sold for 5 million something like 7 years later.

    The Boomtown Rats royalties seemingly ran into millions, going by previous lawsuits over the sharing out of these royalties, and since the "classic" songs from the first album are still played semi-regularly worldwide he still gets a whack from that.

    He's also involved with the TV company that inflicted the world with "Survivor" and "Celebrity Survivor" and the different versions in assorted countries that is still going 10 years later.

    And don't forget his non-dom status and associated "avoidance of taxation", which nobody seems to mention because he's a rich SJW mong (he wasn't happy in 2012 when, after stating that taxes should be raised to pay for aid for 3rd world countries, a Times journalist dared to as the tax-dodging SJW mong how much taxes he actually paid. One wishes there's a clip on YouTube of that explosion but I don't think there is)

    There are other ways he makes money, and he was allegedly worth £32 million in 2012. That will likely be higher now
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  14. I posted on another thread The UK/European migrant problem about a winery that he invests in which was looking to increase production.
    The money grabbing twat could solve the Ethiopian drought problem single handled if he shut it down.
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