Bob Geldof to return his Freedom of the City of Dublin award in protest against Burmese leader Aung

Maybe if Bobby boy said Suu Kyi made him do dirty things in a Belfast hotel room to get a record deal a few decades ago maybe somebody might give a shite...,
Wouldn't surprise me if he dumped all his money, house and furnishings outside Number 10 in protest at Scottish Ref refusal. He's an honourable chappie is our Bob. Even if he does upset the Dubliners. :cool:
Geldof is obviously an attention whore, as he has been all his life.
Has he a new album/tour to promote?
Maybe it is that he doesn't have any such gainful employment on the cards any time soon that makes him turn to other ever more desperate measures to grab a headline or two, and there can be no more desperate a move than returning a freedom of Dublin award I think.
I liked his music when I was a kid. I also liked Live Aid, but all that was over 30 years ago. What has he done since?

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