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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by farrell, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Is it just me, or is anybody else bored with Bob Geldof's continual ranting. He is obviously barking:

    The Dunkirk spirit - sailing to France to collect Frenchies, who would prefer to use the ferry - even if they cared about about 3rd world debt.

    Expecting the Ebay board to resign because the site sold on Live8 tickets.

    and anything else that leaves his mouth every time he opens it
  2. Grade 'A' tossur. I don't suppose his bank balance will decrease over the cumming months. Must be after a Peerage detset the TW@T.
  3. Sanctimonious, gutter mouthed, one-hit wonder, bog-trotting champagne socialist who has a far greater opinion of himself than anyone else ever had or ever will. Geldof you tw@t, I will continue to spend my money at the pub where I know it will do someone good (me), rather than prop up tin-pot dictators and despots, as well as supporting the arms industry and giving you that warm gooey feeling you get inside from knowing you have just kissed someones arrse. For a good synopsis of international aid to Africa read Paul Theroux, ex peace corps in the 60's. If you really want your blood to boil, read the chapter about Rhodesia, sorry, Zimbabwe. Aid to Africa my arrse! Save your money for something worthwhile like beer or smokes. The sooner western nations take the dump over the better. Better yet,leave them in the stone-age, put a monument up when everyone is dead and re-colonise. Face facts, monetary aid props up regimes and maintains the status quo. Fifty years of charity has made things worse, and created a continent of beggars.
    Sorry Chaps, rant over, I'll take a pill and lie down.
  4. Sory I can't agree about Geldof being a BIT of a to*ser..........he's a COMPLETE to*ser
  5. Hear hear!! Couldn't agree more.
  6. He's in the same category as Bono and that t1t from Travis. Barks on about 3rd world debt and the fact that we should all buy their cr@ppy albums while re-cycling our sandals, then goes home to b*m his boyfriend in his mansion. Get them all to perform at Glastonbury, then air strike it.

    Rant over. :D
  7. Filthyphil, that was a rant that George McDonald Fraser would be proud of.
    Agree totaly, complete tw@t.
  8. What pi$$es me off is that "Make Poverty History" advert. Where you get the stars telling you how much people are pegging it and that YOU should give your money to help them.

    Well I say you ***** are mega-rich. Give them your money (which you have **** loads) then dissapear back up your own arses and leave me in peace to enjoy my cold lagers.

    And do'nt start me on that bog-trotting **** Bonio. what a tosser.
  9. Agreed sweaty.
    We get asked to donate but never actually hear how much if any these stars donate.With there vast amounts of money they could do alot better job than we could.
    Geldoff really does do my nut in,going on about how we're all humans and the like and ya hear "if you dont want to join in ,**** off" Oh really nice Geldoff!
    He just after a Thank You off the people when we help out.
  10. Look at the dog **** appering at live8 "pink floyd" (Right lads lets jump on this bandwagon and cash in)
    I don't need some jumped up bogghead informing me about Africa.

    Why don't geldof go and have a chat with Screeming mad "Bob" Mugabe...
  11. If there is any journos reading this, Ask Geldof and his cronies what percentage of their own amassed fortunes have they donated? I would speculate that if they have, its entirely linked to tax relief!

    I have been to Africa and seen how corrupt it is!
  12. Bob is a nobber - I am looking forward to watching the G8 protests on telly and seeing the police give the protestors a good shoeing (obviously only in self-defence) :twisted:
  13. *raises glass to that*

    I saw the may 1st protests back in 2001. Was down in Regent st with a mate who was booking a flight through travel agents down there, and we decided to stick around and watch the fun. Took particular delight in a crowd of unwashed stinking hippies/anarchists/vegan/commie/pinko 'class warriors' advance to the cops, shouting all these silly slogans and what not, and turn into a screaming, terrified rabble when the riot cops started walking forward. class war my arrse.

    but back on topic, Bob Geldof=to$$er of the first order. why the hell should we still be shouldering the 'white mans burden'? hell, the last colonial gov't left africa nearly 30 yrs ago, you'd think those benighted clowns would've gotten their act together by now, but it seems that as mentioned before, all this 'poor starving africans' aid and debt relief only serves to line the pockets of every mandarin in whatever tinpot regime is receiving said aid. show me some accountability, transparency and sustainable development, then maybe I'll donate some of my hard earned loot.

    in fact, screw that, bono and all the rest of those condescending celebs can sell off one of their mansions and donate the proceeds. I don't even own a caravan FFS.
  14. Perfect, Couldn't have worded it better :evil:
  15. No it isn't you, think you hit the nail on the head by saying what everyone else is thinking.

    Live8 is bad enough - but what the feck is he braggin on about 'Sail 8'?? Sail fcukin-8? 8O You see the publicity photo of bobby in a dinghy? Pity somebody didn't have the inkling to drown the hypocritical tw@t at the time. Flippin 'ell - 'his mate' spends £100,000 on flowers for gawds sake.

    He should take a leaf out of Jimmy Page's book - who? I didn't know who either - guitarist with Led Zeppelin who'll received an OBE this year for his charity work particularly in relation to Brazil, was listed in the Diplomatic List, for services to disadvantaged children there. No big fcuk-off publicity, no pulling of 'celebs', no mention on the news every other sodding day, no bullying the public.
    Anyway what happened to all the money raised before with Live Aid, Band Aid, the yearly Comic Relief, etc, etc - that money should have helped Africa's majority - fcuk if i'll contribute if it'll end up with some ugly fat dictator-basstad's wallet :twisted: