Bob disarming the army?

I read in the Torygraph today that Comrade Bob is disarming the Zimbabwean army, presumably to avoid the prospect of a coup. Anyone here in a position to confirm/deny this story?


Last I heard he was arming up to invade Botswana. But possibly he is as a few of his cronies must be itching to sell him out and look good in the eyes of a new goverment.
Not heard anything about that, I doubt it. He is so Paranoid, and being an ex-liberation Partaker, his bread and butter is weopons so he will keep that side of thing close to him and fully maintained. China are still heavily involved in that field and the munitions factories are still in full opps.
Spoke to my boet in Zim this am, ex Para, and he has not heard anything on the subject. Recons there are alot of armed personal on the ground, unusually more.

As far as Zim takeing on the BDF in Bots .... no way! BDF are leagues ahead of the ZDF, they would not stand a chance.
Yes the BDF has gas for its vehicles for a kick-off!

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